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January 19, 2011

As the USC Trojans prepared to play the California Bears at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum last fall, there was another face-off scheduled on campus: Weston Rowland vs. Ronald Dworkin. As part of his Philosophy of Law…

University Professor Leo Braudy of English and Scott Soames, professor of philosophy, are now fellows of the esteemed American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Photos credit Phil Channing.

Braudy, Soames Elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

April 21, 2010

University Professor Leo Braudy of English and Scott Soames, professor of philosophy, have been named fellows of the 230-year-old American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the world's most prestigious honorary…

University Professor Emeritus Stephen Toulmin, a renowned ethical philosopher in USC College, called for scholars to "come out of their self-imposed isolation and reenter the collective world of practical life and shared human problems." Photo courtesy of Donna Toulmin.

In Memoriam: Stephen E. Toulmin, 87

December 8, 2009

Stephen Edelston Toulmin, University Professor Emeritus and one of the most influential ethical philosophers of the latter half of the 20th century, has died. He was 87. Toulmin, the Henry R. Luce Professor for the Center for…

Scott Soames is chair of the philosophy department at USC College. Photo credit Philip Channing.

Are There Answers for the Big Questions?

November 16, 2009

While working on Philosophical Analysis in the Twentieth Century, Volumes 1 and 2, a definitive two-volume history of analytic philosophy, Scott Soames came to a conclusion that a less-reasoned mind might consider rather…

Arnold Heidsieck, professor of philosophy in USC College, wrote a seminal book about writer Franz Kafka, <em>The Intellectual Contexts of Kafka's Fictions: Philosophy, Law and Religion</em> (Camden House, 1994).  Photo courtesy of Vera Wheeler.

In Memoriam: Arnold Heidsieck, 72

September 25, 2009

Arnold Heidsieck, professor of philosophy in USC College, preeminent scholar in German and European intellectual history and literature, particularly Jewish Prague-born 20th-century writer Franz Kafka, has died. He was…

Robert Campany, chair and professor of religion and professor of East Asian languages and cultures, studies the religions of ancient China, focusing on the Daoist, Buddhist and Confucian traditions. Photo credit Pamela J. Johnson

May You Stay Forever Young

May 26, 2009

Before plastic surgery and botox, an ancient culture had a different way of dealing with the quest for eternal youth. Why not simply live forever? In medieval China, third century B.C., people believed it possible to be 800…

Breaking the Mold

Breaking the Mold

November 1, 2008

Reading ancient Greek at the Getty Center library, Jody Valentine found an unexpected connection in the work of fifth century B.C. philosopher Parmenides. In his poem, Parmenides travels by chariot “beyond the beaten…

Ethics and the Environment

Ethics and the Environment

February 1, 2008

Philosopher and environmental expert Dale Jamieson brought with him a serious message about global warming during his recent visit to USC. Early in his appearance on campus, Jamieson declared that “the window for action…

The Wordsmith’s Philosopher

The Wordsmith’s Philosopher

September 1, 2007

At Princeton University, philosophers Scott Soames and Saul Kripke often walked home together. On the way, they would sometimes stop by the Annex, a fixture on Nassau Street, and duck into its basement bar for dinner and a…

Award for USC College Philosopher and Popular Religious Writer

Award for USC College Philosopher and Popular Religious Writer

January 1, 2007

Dallas Willard, professor of philosophy at USC College, last week received the Baylor University Alumni Association’s Distinguished Alumni Award for 2007. The honor was presented at a black-tie banquet Friday, Jan.…