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Alumni Bookplate

Alumni Bookplate

Institute for Advanced Study
Images of America Series

Arcadia / Linda Arntzenius (MPW, ’98) examines photo collections at the Institute for Advanced Study and those of Princeton residents to disclose the scholarly community that has long been regarded as a cloistered world apart.


Making the San Fernando Valley
Rural Landscapes, Urban Development and White Privilege

University of Georgia Press / Laura Barraclough (Ph.D., American studies and ethnicity, ’06) combines historical sweep with an on-the-ground investigation of contemporary life in this iconic western suburb.


Daughter of Winter

Candlewick Press / In this historical novel about survival and strength, Patricia Lowery Collins (B.A., English, ’53) tells of a girl who finds her way to an unexpected future as the ground of her past shifts.


My Only Great Passion
The Life and Films of Carl Th. Dreyer

Scarecrow Press / Jean Drum (B.A., English, ’54), adjunct professor at Golden West College, and her late husband Dale D. Drum (Ph.D., speech communication, ’58) provide the first full-length English language biography of Danish film director Carl Th. Dreyer.


Thermal Computations for Electronics
Conductive, Radiative and Convective Air Cooling

CRC Press / Gordon N. Ellison (M.A., physics, ’66) discusses the theoretical basics of heat transfer for air-cooled electronic systems and examines problems from the system level to components attached to circuit boards.


Presidential Prerogative
Imperial Power in an Age of Terrorism

Stanford University Press / Michael Genovese (Ph.D., political science, ’79), professor of political science at Loyola Marymount University, explores the development of executive prerogative in America and its application in the age of terrorism.



Random House / In his latest Alex Delaware novel, Jonathan Kellerman (Ph.D., psychology, ’74) spins a twisting whodunit that’s pure Los Angeles noir.


The Shroud

Neoteric Press / Steven Meloan (B.S., biology, ’78) and Michael Meloan (B.A., psychology, ’73) present a science-adventure novel that explores many of today’s scientific, spiritual and ethical questions.


Pinks, Pansies and Punks
The Rhetoric of Masculinity

Indiana University Press / James Penner (Ph.D., English, ’05), assistant professor of English at the University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras, charts the construction of masculinity within American literary culture from the 1930s to 1970s.



iUniverse / Marko Perko (B.A., political science, ’70) and his co-author tell the story of Dr. Alexander Hakimian who leads a black ops unit to hunt down the terrorist organization’s members and leader. Read more about the book at


50 Jobs in 50 States
One Man’s Journey of Discovery Across America

Berrett-Koehler / Daniel Seddiqui (B.A., economics, ’05) recounts his 50-week quest to work 50 jobs that reflect each U.S. state’s culture and economy.


The True Memoirs of Little K

Farrar, Straus & Giroux / Adrienne Sharp (MPW, ’87) tells the tale of Mathilde Kschessinska, a former prima ballerina assoluta, who chronicles her experiences before all she believes to be true is forgotten.


One of Vroman’s Bookstore’s “Best Books of 2010”
Cliff Falls

Cliff Falls Media / Cliff “C.B.“ Shiepe (B.A., English, ’91) introduces Clay Grant, a former child star who wrestles with the question of what it means to be truly alive and makes a surprising discovery that changes his life.


New York Times Best-seller
The Athena Project

Atria / Brad Thor (B.A., English, ’92) weaves the tale of a top-secret, all-female program code named “The Athena Project,” in which four women in the Delta Force undertake one of the nation’s deadliest assignments.


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