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Jim Haw Joins ABC Castle Actors in Short Videos for Environmentalism

USC College’s Jim Haw with ABC <em>Castle</em> television actress Stana Katic during filming of The Alternative Travel Project.
USC College’s Jim Haw with ABC Castle television actress Stana Katic during filming of The Alternative Travel Project.

Navigating Los Angeles without a car is possible and worth the change of habit, just ask ABC Castle television actors Stana Katic and Seamus Dever.

USC College's Jim Haw was tapped for his environmental expertise, and is featured in the videos along with the actors in The Alternative Travel Project.

Katic and Dever gave up their cars for seven days to explore travel accessibility in Los Angeles, to benefit the environment and to enhance personal health.

"I spent half a day on location in downtown L.A. working with Stana Katic, Producer Andrew Carlberg, the Executive Director of the Sierra Club, and the video and sound professionals,” Haw said. “Nathan Fillion (who stars as Richard Castle on the ABC series Castle) came by to say ‘hi’ and told me to keep up the good work."

Dever said when the price of gas hit four dollars a gallon in Los Angeles, he borrowed a bike from a good friend and became known as “that soap opera guy who comes to work on a red bicycle.”

“I could probably afford a huge car that sucks up twelve miles to the gallon and has a huge carbon footprint. But should I? Is that the responsible thing to do? For the planet? For my fellow Los Angelenos? For future generations?” Dever asks. “The answer is No.”

The series is sponsored by the Sierra Club. Haw, Ray R. Irani Chairman of Occidental Petroleum Chair in Chemistry and Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies and the director of environmental studies, is a longstanding member of the Sierra Club.

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