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Faculty Bookplate

Confronting Modernity in Fin-de-Siécle France
Bodies, Minds and Gender
edited by Elinor Accampo and Christopher E. Forth
Palgrave Macmillan / Elinor Accampo, professor of history, and her co-editor reassess the Third Republic as the first long-term successful French experiment with a democratic republic.

Natural History of Oregon
by Gerald Bakus
Lulu / Gerald Bakus, professor of biological sciences, has designed this guide for tourists, travelers and students who are spending a brief time in Oregon and would like to explore the state’s natural highlights.



Extra Dimensions in Space and Time
by Itzhak Bars and John Terning
Springer / Itzhak Bars, professor of physics and astronomy, and his co-author cover the latest theories in theoretical physics and cosmology. In particular, Bars discusses his theory on Two-Time physics at a mostly descriptive level accessible to science enthusiasts with little background in physics.


Between Arab and White
Race and Ethnicity in the Early Syrian American Diaspora
by Sarah Gualtieri
University of California Press / Sarah Gualtieri, associate professor of history, and American studies and ethnicity, focuses on the first wave of Arab immigration and settlement in the U.S. in the years before WWII and continues the story up to the present.

Beyond the Turnstile
Making the Case for Museums and Sustainable Values
edited by Selma Holo and Mari-Tere Alvarez
Altamira Press / Selma Holo, director of the USC Fisher Museum of Art and professor of art history, and Mari-Tere Alvarez (Ph.D, art history, ’03) provide museum leaders with a set of criteria for evaluating the success of their museums and propose a set of sustainable values that can help museums preserve themselves and advance their social mission.


The Black and Green Atlantic
Cross-Currents of the African and Irish Diasporas
edited by David Lloyd and Peter D. O’Neill
Palgrave Macmillan / David Lloyd, professor of English, and English doctoral student Peter D. O’Neill have assembled a collection of essays that explore the connections that have defined the “Black and Green Atlantic” in culture, politics, race and labor.


Saint-Bénigne in Dijon Around the Year 1000, “A Church More Wondrous Than Those of All Gaul”
A Political, Liturgical and Theological Interpretation
by Carolyn M. Malone
Brepols / In this interdisciplinary study, Carolyn M. Malone, professor of art history and history, interprets the meaning and significance of the unusual design of the excavated abbey church of Saint-Bénigne in Dijon (1001–1018) within its cultural context.


Measuring Democracy
A Bridge between Scholarship and Politics
by Gerardo L. Munck
The Johns Hopkins University Press / Gerardo L. Munck, professor of international relations, assesses the methods used to measure democracies’ promises to bring order to the debate in academia and in practice.

Noncognitivism in Ethics
by Mark Schroeder
Routledge / Beginning with a general introduction to metaethics, Associate Professor of Philosophy Mark Schroeder escorts the reader through a tour of both the philosophical problems which noncognitivism seeks to solve and the deep problems that it faces.



Less Rightly Said
Scandals and Readers in Sixteenth-Century France
by Antónia Szabari
Stanford University Press / By focusing on popular pamphlets along with more canonical works, Assistant Professor of French and Italian, and Comparative Literature Antónia Szabari shows that 16th-century French satirists did not simply renounce the moral ideal of elite, humanist scholarship but rather transmitted and manipulated that scholarship according to their ideological needs.


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