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Face of Interdisciplinary Success

Earning her bachelor’s in international relations and art history, alumna Christine Hameline is enjoying a successful career in Malibu real estate.

This portrait of Christine Hameline was painted as part of The Face of Malibu project, which highlights some of Malibu’s biggest movers and shakers. Each honoree is painted in a single, live sitting. Portrait by artist Johanna Spinks.
This portrait of Christine Hameline was painted as part of The Face of Malibu project, which highlights some of Malibu’s biggest movers and shakers. Each honoree is painted in a single, live sitting. Portrait by artist Johanna Spinks.

A true Renaissance woman, Christine Hameline double majored in international relations and art history, graduating from USC Dornsife in 2008. Now she works as the managing associate of RE/MAX ELITE in her native Malibu, California, specializing in luxury beach homes and residential and commercial real estate properties.

Recently her portrait was painted for The Face of Malibu, an ongoing series by portrait artist Johanna Spinks to record the unique personalities and newsmakers who shape the modern Malibu community.

Hameline discusses how her interdisciplinary background has made all the difference.

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Hameline graduated from USC Dornsife in 2008 with a bachelor's in international relations and art history, then soon found her calling in expanding her family-owned real estate business. Photo by Corina Marie.

Laura Paisley: What drew you to international relations and art history, and how do these subjects inform your day-to-day life in real estate?

Christine Hameline: I was drawn to an education that would provide me with a solid foundation of gaining global perspectives. Both subjects help me relate to diverse groups of people and build lifetime relationships essential to the success of my business.

 L.P.: How did you make the transition from IR/art history to real estate?

C.H.: I started my career as director of business development with the specific goal of expanding our independently owned and operated family business, RE/MAX ELITE. 

When I had the opportunity to open RE/MAX ELITE in Malibu I was focused on improving our real estate practice to best service Malibu and the Westside. International relations inspired me to look critically at what we were doing on a daily basis relative to the interconnectedness of our modern world and the international playing field of the real estate market.

L.P.: What are the pleasures and challenges of doing real estate in Malibu?

C.H.: Malibu is 27 miles long and a world unto itself filled with micro markets rich in their own uniqueness. It is a small seaside town filled with warmth and magic paired with mega opportunities in real estate investments. It takes strong local expertise, solid connections and commitment to actively sell real estate here.

I am an entrepreneur. I build models integrating social consciousness to actualize good business.

L.P.: Talk about The Awareness Program you founded under RE/MAX Elite’s Corporate Social Responsibility division.

C.H.: The Awareness Program began as a way to leverage our RE/MAX ELITE Brand and resources to empower our client families-helping-families at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) through fundraisers and a network of corporate sponsorships. Since then, RE/MAX ELITE has become a Miracle Office Company donating a portion of all sales to CHLA. Additionally, I chair the RE/MAX Council at CHLA and we just brought in over $220,000 in May in donations through our Miracle Home Program and events. The model of a RE/MAX Council at local Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is rolling out across the U.S. and Canada. I am excited for what we will accomplish next.

L.P.: How were you chosen as a Face of Malibu?

C.H.: The Face of Malibu is a portrait of the people in our community shaping the modern Malibu. Through my role as chair of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce and as a local business owner of RE/MAX ELITE in Malibu, I am thankful for the opportunity to lead Malibu into the future with these ‘movers and shakers.’

L.P.: What is your most impactful memory from your time at USC Dornsife?

C.H.: In addition to the incredible professors who helped me grow at USC, I had the honor of serving as president of UNICEF@USC. We grew from 30 to over 300 active members that year with education, volunteer and fundraising divisions. I am still moved by how much my fellow Trojans cared about and devoted themselves to our cause of helping children in need.

L.P.: As chair of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, how are you making a difference in your community, and what motivates you?

C.H.: I believe in active participation and engagement with the community where I live and work. As chair of the Malibu Chamber of Commerce, I care about promoting a healthy business environment that supports local market demands and quality of life.

I am continually motivated by my desire to live a full life of possibilities, growth and discovery.

L.P.: Name something most people don’t know about you.

C.H.: I have dabbled in the art of equestrian vaulting.