Minor in Health Care Studies

In a landmark new partnership, the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences and the Keck School of Medicine of USC are excited to offer the Minor in Health Care Studies.  This program brings together top faculty from the Health Sciences and University Park campuses and offers an experience that is unmatched and unavailable at other universities across the nation.

As the American health care system undergoes one of its most important transformations in a generation, it is becoming clear that aspiring health care professionals will need much more than just a post-graduate degree to navigate a career in the field.  Professionals from across a wide spectrum of disciplines – physicians, dentists, engineers, hospital administrators and business people - will all need to understand the big picture. 

Through an innovative array of new course offerings students in the new minor will receive instruction from prominent leaders across a variety of fields of medical science and clinical practice.  They will also gain access to biomedical researchers, health care administrators and other faculty from across the University whose expertise will help shape the next generation of health care professionals.  For those interested in global health, the new program will also offer another venue for exposure to USC’s many international health experts and programs.

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Fall 2016 Courses Offered

MEDS-220 Preparation for the Clinical Experience

MEDS-320 Human Cadaveric Anatomy

MEDS-330 Bionics: Solutions to Enable the Disabled

MEDS-335 Human Development-From Stem to Sternum

MEDS-350 Drugs and the Brain

MEDS-360 From Bench to Bedside-New Frontiers in Biomedical Research

MEDS-420 Clinical Pediatrics (RECENTLY ADDED!!)

MEDS-425 Medical Examiner-Coroner: Investigating Death 

MEDS-460 Emergency Health Care

MEDS-490 HSC & CHLA Directed Research in Biomedical Science

*Please note course unit amounts in the curriculum.

Spring 2016 Courses Offered

MEDS-220 Preparation for the Clinical Experience 

MEDS-260 Challenges in the Forefront of Biomedical Ethics

MEDS-320 Human Cadaveric Anatomy

MEDS-380 Stem Cells: Fact and Fiction

MEDS-420 Clinical Pediatrics (NEW!)

MEDS-425 Medical Examiner-Coroner: Investigating Death (now open to sophomores)

MEDS-445 Cancer: Introduction to Oncology in the Modern Era 

MEDS-450 OB/GYN: The Medicine and Surgery of Reproduction 

MEDS-460 Emergency Health Care

MEDS-465 Wilderness and Survival Medicine 

MEDS-490 Directed Research in Biomedical Science (HSC)

MEDS-490 Directed Research in Biomedical Science (CHLA)

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