Middle East Studies Minor

Expand your academic and professional options with a minor in Middle East Studies.  Take five courses (20 units) which provide a broad introduction across disciplines or which address a particular historical period or theme.  No language is required for the minor.

To complete the minor, take:

  • HIST 180: Introduction to Islamic Civilization; and

  • four upper division courses from the list below, only two of which may be language courses.

ARAB 252: Arabic IV*
ARAB 300: Introduction to Translation
ARAB 322: Advanced Arabic I
ARAB 333: Colloquial Arabic: Regional Dialects**
ARAB 334: Media Arabic**
ARAB 352: Advanced Arabic II
HEBR 315: Hebrew IV*
IRAN 250: Persian IV*
IRAN 320: Advanced Persian I
IRAN 350: Advanced Persian II
MDES 312: Iran in the Middle Ages
MDES 313: Modern Iran: Fall of Monarchies and Rise of Islamic Republics
MDES 314: Political Thought In The Middle East
MDES 316: The Great Muslim Empires of the Near East and India
MDES 324: Classical Persian Literature in Translation
MDES 325: Modern Persian Literature in Translation
MDES 340: Perspectives on US Foreign Policy in the Middle East
MDES 342: Modern Arab State and Society I: Media and Intellectual Works
MDES 343: Modern Arab State and Society II: Culture and Literature
MDES 345: Sovereignty in the Middle East
MDES 461: Topics in Ancient Iranian Languages and Cultures

Many of the following courses are also cross-listed under MDES.

CLAS 349g: Ancient Empires
CLAS 360: Classical Arabic Literature in Translation
CLAS 378: Ptolemaic Egypt
CLAS 499: The Hellenistic World on Stones and Papyri
COLT 448: Traveling Genres: An Introduction to Modern Arabic Literature
ECON 342: Economic Development of the Middle East
FREN 448m: France and Islam [conducted in French]
HIST 324: Islam in Russia and the Soviet Union
HIST 382: The Middle East, 500-1500
HIST 383: The Modern Middle East
HIST 384: Popular Culture in the Middle East
HIST 480: Seminar in Middle East History
IR 362: International Relations of the Contemporary Middle East
IR 363: Middle East Political Economy
IR 464: U.S. Policy Towards the Middle East: 1950 to the Present
JS 314: Holy War and History: Jews, Christians & Muslims
JS 389: Culture and Society in Israel: Inventing the Dream
POSC 351: Middle East Politics
REL 315: Thought and Life of Islam
REL 316: Women and the Islamic Tradition
REL 394: Archaeology of Egypt and the Near East
REL 402: Cultural Heritage, Religion and Politics in the Middle East
REL 414: History of Islamic Law
REL 494: Lab Methods and Theories in Archaeology

*Counts as an upper division course.

**Counts toward minor only with departmental permission.

  • USC Middle East Studies Program
  • Taper Hall 449
  • 3501 Trousdale Parkway
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-4355