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Linguistics 499, Atayal Language and Culture

Summer 2014 in Taiwan
Professor: Dr. Khalil Iskarous
Dates: May 16 - July 6, 2014 

We learn about the human mind and society by observing the languages and cultures of the world. But many languages and cultures are dying. In this course, we will learn about and document Atayal, an extremely interesting endangered Austronesian Language spoken in the mountains of Taiwan in an innovative way. Students will interview native speakers, and learn about how we can preserve these important records of our civilization. Students will also learn about the amazing complexity of one of evolution's greatest achievements: human language.  


Program Costs:

Tuition: $6144

Airfare: $1000-1500 (approximately)

Additional expenses: $1000*

Total: $8144-8644

Scholarships: SURF or Tsai Family Research Fund

*Additional expenses include estimated costs for accommodations, other fees, and personal expenses (which can vary greatly from student to student).

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To apply: Make appointment with Prof. Iskarous at