Ph.D. Recipients 1966 - Present



Ou-Yang, Chuo-Ying (Iris)

Prosody and Informativity: A Cross-linguistic Investigation





Choudhury, Arunima

Interaction between Prosody and Information Structure: Experimental Evidence from Bangla and Hindi


Hagedorn, Christina

Speech Production in Post-Glossectomy Speakers: Articulatory Preservation and Compensation  


Ipek, Canan

The Phonology and Phonetics of Turkish Intonation  


Kim, Kyungsook, Lucy

Exploring the Effects of Subject Case Marking and Action Verbs’ Repetition Frequencies on the Discourse and the Memory Representations of Entities and Events: Experimental Studies in Korean


O’Connor, Ellen

Comparative illusions at the syntax-semantics interface


Tomaszewicz, Barbara

Superlative ambiguities: a comparative perspective   







He, Xiao

What ‘You’ and ‘I’ can say about Reference Resolution and Non-structural Constraints

Li, David

Investigating the Production and Perception of Reduced Speech: A Cross-Linguistic Look at Articulatory Coproduction and Compensation for Coarticulation

Ouwayda, Sarah

Where Number Lies: Plural Marking, Numerals, and the Collective-Distributive Distinction

Parrell, Benjamin

Dynamics of Consonant Reduction

Riggs, Daylen

Sound Sequence Adaptation in Loanword Phonology

Velasquez, Hector

A Reduplicative Analysis of Sentence Modal Adverbs in Spanish  





Liu, Yi-Hsien                            

A Unified Syntactic Account of Mandarin Subject Nominals


McKinney-Bock, Katy

Building Phrase Structure from Items and Contexts 

Washburn, Byram Mary

Narrowing the Focus: Experimental Studies on Exhaustivity and Contrast





Anderson, Janet K.

Reduplication and Distributivity in Kannada

Huang, Yu-Chi

Flexibility in Language Production

Hwang, Heeju

Investigating Coordination of Lexical and Structural  Information Cross-Linguistically 

Mukai, Emi

Binding and Scope Dependencies with ‘Floating Quantifiers’ in Japanese

Rushforth, Michael

Asymmetrical Discourse in a Computer-Mediated Environment

Tejada, Laura

Tone Gestures and Constraint Interaction in Sierra Juárez Zapotec

Varis, Erika

The Spanish Feminine el at the Syntax-Phonology Interface

Walker, Aaron

Existential Constructions: A Syntactic Predication Approach

Yin, Bin

Investigating Chinese Speakers’ Acquisition of Telicity in English




Byun, Hyuna

Reference Time in the Dynamics of Temporal Dependency in Korean

Holsinger, Edward

Cutting the Mustard: An Experimental Investigation of Idiomatic Expressions in the Lexicon

Liao, Roger Wei-Wen

The Symmetry of Syntactic Relations

Vecchiatto, Antonella

Events in the Grammar of Direct and Indirect Causation




Cerrón-Palomino, Alvaro


Adding and Subtracting Alternation: Resumption and Prepositional Phrase Chopping in Spanish Relative Clauses


Lazorczyk, Agnieszka

Decomposing Slavic Aspect: the Role of Aspectual Morphology in Polish and other Slavic Languages

Lim, Dong-Sik

Syntax and Semantics of Korean Evidentiality

Nava, Emily

Connecting Phrasal and Rhythmic Events: Evidence from Second Language Speech

Shepherd, Michael

A Discourse Analysis of Teacher-Student Classroom Interactions

Tavano, Erin

The Balance of Scalar Implicature

Temkin Martinez, Michal


Sources of Non-conformity in Phonology: Variation and Exceptionality in Modern Hebrew Spirantization




Wu, Fuyun

Factors Affecting Relative Clause Processing in Mandarin: Corpus and Behavioral Evidence




Chen, Lindsey

On Mass, Collectives and Pseudopartitives

Cheung, Chi-hang Candice

The Syntax of Wh-fronting in Chinese

Hernandez, Roberto Mayoral

On the Unaccusative Hypothesis and the Locative Alternation in Spanish

Park, Soyoung

Functional Categories: The Syntax of DP and DegP




Alcazar, Asier

A Minimal Analysis of Participial Constructions: Towards a Phase Account of Non-finite Structures  

Beas, Omar

Agreement on the Left Edge: The Syntax of Left Dislocation in Spanish

Campos Astorkiza, Judit Rebeka

Minimal Contrast and the Phonetics-Phonology Interaction

Fukaya, Teruhiko

Slucing and Stripping in Japanese and Some Implications

Ganjavi, Shadi

Direct Objects in Persian

Krivokapic, Jelena

The Planning, Production, and Perception of Prosodic Structure

Leung, Tsz-Cheung Tommi

Syntactic Derivation and the Theory of Matching Contextual Features

Marblestone, Karine

Semantic and Syntactic Effects on Double prepositional Phrase Ordering Across the Lifespan

Park, Hong-Keun


Against Optionality in Derivation and Interpretation: Evidence from Scrambling

Munoz, Ana Sanchez

Register and Style Variation  in Speakers of Spanish as a Heritage and as a Second Language




Feng, Guanjun Bella

Morpheme Recognition in Prosodic Morphology

Iscrulescu, Christian

The Phonological Dimension of Grammatical Markedness

Montanari, Simona

Language Differentiation in Early Trilingual Development: Evidence from a Case Study

Oh, Eunjeong

Second Language Acquisition of English Double Object Constructions by Korean Speakers

Roy, Isabelle

Non-verbal Predications: A syntactic Analysis of Predicational Copular Sentences




Cabrera, Monica

The Acquisition of Causative Structure in English and Spanish as Second Languages 

Ketrez, Fatma Nihan

Children’s Scope of Indefinite Objects

Van der Houwen, Florence

Negotiating Disputes and Achieving Judgments on ‘Judge Judy’




Bergeton, Uffe

The Independence of Binding and Intensification

Hayashishita, J.-R.

Syntactic and Non-Syntactic Scope

Lee, Miae

Syntactically-Triggered VP Information Focus

Lee, Mina

Overt Focus Movement and Minimal Informational Marking

Sonnenschein, Aaron

A Descriptive Grammar of San Bartolome Zoogocho Zapotec




Gonzalez, Carolina

Kuo, Chin-Man

The Effect of Prosodic Structure in Consonantal Processes

The Fine Structure of Negative Polarity Items in Chinese

Long, Christopher


The Effect of Non-native Speaker Status on the Use of Linguistic Accommodation by Native Speakers of Japanese: Implications for Communication Accommodation Theory




Aldai, Gontzal

The Grammaticalization of Present and Past in Basque

Choi, Young Sik

Asymmetry of Scope Taking in Wh-questions

Choueiri, Lina

Issues in the Syntax of Resumption: Restrictive Relatives in Lebanese Arabic

Curtin, Suzanne

Representational Richness in Phonological Development

Li, Hui-Ju Grace

Ellipsis Constructions in Chinese

Megerdoomian, Karine

Beyond Words and Phrases: A Unified Theory of Predicate Composition




Hsieh, Miao-Ling

Form and Meaning: Negation and Question in Chinese

Romera-Ciria, Magdalena


Discourse Functional Units: A Re-examination of Discourse Markers with Particular Reference to Spanish




Amorrortu, Estibaliz

Linguistic Attitudes in the Basque Country: the Social Acceptance of a New Variety

Greblick, Anthony


The Modal Preterite Phenomenon (MPP) in Colloquial American English: A Diachronic and Synchronic Analysis

Joanisse, Marc

Connectionist Phonology

Maceviciute, Jolanta

The Beginnings of Language Loss: A Discourse Study of American Lithuanian

Modesto, Marcello

On the Identification of Null Arguments

Wu, Xiu-Zhi

Grammatication and the Development of Functional Categories in Chinese




Brizuela, Maquela

Definiteness Types in Spanish: A study of Natural Discourse

Gonnerman, Laura


An Alternative Account of Derivational Morphology: Exploring the Semantics-Phonology Interface

Hinterholzl, Roland

Restructuring Infinitives and the Theory of Complementation

Reinholtz, Charlotte

Verb Second, Mood and Operator Licensing

Sudanandan, Suchitra

Malaysian Phonology: An Optimality Theoretic Approach




Altmann, Lori

Effects of Working Memory and Semantic Impairment Speech in Alzheimer’s Disease

Aoyagi, Hiroshi

On the Nature of Particles in Japanese and Its Theoretical Implications

Field, Fredric

Borrowing and Borrowability

Stallings, Lynn

Evaluating Heaviness: Relative Weight in the Spoken Production of Heavy-NP Shift

Ueyama, Ayumi

Two Types of Dependency




Camacho, Jose

The Syntax of NP Coordination

Chen, Sylvia Shengyun

Intra-lexical Noun-verb Dissociations: Evidence from Chinese Aphasia

Elordieta, Gorka

Morphosyntactic Feature Chains and Phonological Domains

Herburger, Elena

In the Event of Focus

Lalami, Laila

Frequency in Sentence Comprehension

Lee, Sechang


Correspondence and Faithfulness Constraints in Optimality Theory: A Study of Korean Consonantal Phonology

Matsuda, Yuki

Representation of Focus and Presupposition in Japanese

Oshita, Hiroyuki

The Unaccusative Trap: Acquisition of Instransitive Verbs in L2 English

Paus, Charles



A Comparison of the Sociolinguistic Conditioning of Phonetic Reduction in Moscow Russian and Northwestern Mexican Spanish




Antrim, Nancy

On the Status of Possessives

Arnaiz, Alfredo

N-words and wh-in-situ: Nature and Interactions

Belvin, Robert



Inside Events: The Non-possessive Meanings of Possession Predicates and the Semantics Conceptualization of Events

Chung, Daeho

On the Representation and Licensing of Q and Q-Dependents

Hunt, Matthew Busby

The Sociolinguistics of Tagging and Chicano Gang Graffiti

Sánchez, Liliana


Syntactic Structures in Nominals: A comparative Analysis of Spanish and Southern Quechua

Touchstone, Ellen


Language Services Planning in the Banking Industry: An Example of Unplanned Language Policy




Apresjan, Valentina

Emotions: Linguistics Representation and Cultural Conceptualization

Kim, Kyungan

Causativity in Korean: Syntactic Causative, Control and Purpose

Shyu, Shu-Ing

The Syntax of Focus and Topic in Mandarin Chinese

Taylor, Carolyn E.


Child as Apprentice-Narrator: Socializing Voice, Face, Identity, and Self-Esteem Amid the Narrative Politics of Family Dinner

Watanabe, Shin

Aspects of Questions in Japanese and Their Theoretical Implications

Weasenforth, Donald


Rhetorical Abstraction as a Facet of Expected Response: A Structural Equation Modeling Analysis

*Youmans, Madeleine Noel


Communicative Rights and Responsibilities in an East Lost Angeles Barrio: An Analysis of Epistemic Modal Use

Zou, Ke

The Syntax of the Chinese BA-Constructions and Verb Compounds: A Morpho-Syntactic Analysis




Cho, Dong-in

A Comparative Study of Focus Constructions

*Daubney-Davis, Ann


Structure, Convention, and Persona: The Writing of Urban Hispanic and Black Middle School Students

de Haan, Ferdinand

The Interaction of Modality and Negation: A Typological Study

Goad, Heather

On the Configuration of Height Features

Halmari, Helena

A Government Approach to Finnish-English Intrasentential Code-Switching

Hudson, Wesley

Pragmatic Constraints on Binding into Noun Phrases

Maia, Marcus

The Comprehension of Object Anaphora in Brazilian Portuguese

Ramanathan-Abbot, Vaidehi


Wellformedness in Alzheimer Narratives: An Interactional and Schematic Understanding

Schneider-Zioga, Patricia

The Syntax of Clitic Doubing in Modern Greek

Small, Jeff

On-line Sentence Comprehension in Alzheimer’s Disease




Atkinson, Dwight


A Historical Discourse Analysis of Scientific Research Writing from 1675 to 1975: The Case of the Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London

Bruthiaux, Paul

Linguistic Simplicity and the Language of Classified Ads

Horie, Kauro


A Cross-Linguistic Study of Perception and Cognition Verb Compliments: A Cognitive Perspective

Petrucci, Peter

Slavic Features in the History of Romania

Rudolph, Dina


Getting Past Politeness: The Role of Linguistic Markers of Eventuality and Informational Domains in Japanese

Russell, Kevin

A Constraint-based Approach to Phonology and Morphology




Benmamoun, Elabbas


Inflectional and Functional Morphology: Problems of Projecction, Representation and Derivation

Biloa, Edmond

The Syntax of Operator Constructions in Tuki

Halila, Hefedh

Subject Specificity Effects in Tunisian Arabic

Hared, Mohmed

Modernization and Standardization in Sumali Press Writing

Lee, Dami


Universal Grammar. Learnability, and the Acquisition of L2 English Reflexive Binding by L1 Korean Speakers

Shi, Dingxu

The Nature of Topic Comment Constructions and Topic Chai

Yoshimura, Noriko

Scrambling and Anaphora in Japanese




Bean, Martha Sherwood

Getting heard: Perseveration in the Speech of a Young Latino Learner

Boyle, Mary Patricia

Variation in Levels of Language: a Study of Politeness in Japanese

Duffield, Nigel Gordon

Particles and projections


Ferris, Dana Rider


Syntactic and Lexical Characteristics of ESL Student Writing: A Multidimensional Study

Hedgcock, John Scott


Foreign Language Retention and Attrition: A Study of Maintenance Patterns Among Adult Learners of Spanish

Masagara, Ndinzi Nyembo

Oath-Taking in Kirundi: The Impact of Religion on Language Change

Muller-Gotama, Franz

A Typology of the Syntax-Semantics Interface

Pattney, Ghislaine Genevieve

The Language of Problem Solving in a Computer Lab




Katada, Fusa

The Representation  of Anaphoric Relations in Logical Form

Kim, Yong-Jin

Register Variation in Korean: A Corpus-Based Study

Matthews, Stephen James

A Cognitive Approach to the Typology of Verbal Aspect

Mutaka, Ngessimo Mathe

The Lexical Tonology of Kindande

Shanklin, Michael Trevor

The Grammar of Negation in Middle English

Suh, Jinhee

Scope Phenomena and Aspects of Korean Syntax




Abdel-Latif, Mohammad

The Sentential Structure of Arabic

Connor-Linton, Jeffrey Taylor

Crosstalk: A multi-feature analysis of Soviet-American Spacebridges

Lee, Won-Pyo

Referential Choice in Korean Discourse: Cognitive and Social Perspective

Pool, Deborah

Yip, Virginia Choy-Yin

Aspects of Chinese/English Interlanguage: Syntax, Semantics and Learnability




Authier, Marc Pierre

The Syntax of Unselective Binding

Cook, Haruko Minegishi

Sentential Particles in Japanese Conversation: A Study of Indexicality

Gotstajn, Ljiljana Progovac

A Binding Approach to Polarity Sensitivity

Heggie, Ann Lorie

The Synta of Copular Structure

Hualde, Jose Ignacio

A Lexical Phonology of Basque

Landolfi, Liliana

Explanation as a Joint Activity: Co-Constructing Knowledge in Second-Language Clasrooms

Schlindwein, Deborah Susan

The Phonological Geometry of Morpheme Concatenation

White, William Howard

Vocabulary Acquisition from Reading and the ESL Learner




Bowe, Heather Joan

Categories, Constituents and Constituent Order in Pitjantjatjara

Comrie, Akiko Kumahira

On So-Called Quantifier Floating in Japanese

Gilligan, Gary Martin

A Cross-Linguistic Approach to the Pro-Drop Parameter

Hall, Christopher John

Language Structure and Explanation: A Case From Morphology

McDowell, Joyce Patricia

Assertion and Modality

Nishikawa, Makoto

Japanese Lexical Phonology and Morphology

Schwartz, Bonnie Dale

The Modular Basis of Second Language Acquisition




Kim, Jong-Mi

Besnier, Nicolas Guy

Phonology and Syntax of Korean Morphology

Spoken & Written Registers in a Restricted-Literacy Setting




Eggington, William Gregory


Towards a Language Plan for the Southern California Area: The Hacienda-La Puente Survey

Flynn, Kathleen Frances


The Acquisition of Form and Function in L2: An Analysis of the Use of the Perfect in the Written Discourse of Adult Second Language Learners

Jisa, Harriet Lynne

Sentence Connectors in the Speech of French Preschoolers

Kim, Alan Hyun-Oak

The Grammar of Focus in Korean Syntax and its Typological Implications

Li, Yen-Hu Audrey

Abstract Case in Chinese

Matsumoto, Keiji

A Study of Tense and Aspect in Japanese

Neu, Joyce

Roberts, Ian Gareth

The Representation of Dethematized and Implicit Subjects

Towtong, Pachongkarn

Syntactic Areal Classification of Southeast Asian Languages




Altman, Roann

Assessing Model Proficiency in English as a Second Language

Biber, Douglas Edward

A Model of Textual Relations Within the Written and Spoken Modes

Bock, Sylvia Martina

Fronting in Caribbean Creoles

Grabe, William Peter

Towards Defining Expository Prose Within A Theory of Text Construction

Houck, Noel Ross

The Pragmatics of Tag Questions: A Model for Epistemic Speaker-Hearer Acts

Scarcella, Robin Cameron

Cohesion in the Writing Development of Native and Non-native English Speakers

Thornburg, Linda Louise

Syntactic Reanalysis in Early English



Anderson, Stephen Craig

Tone & Morpheme Rules in Bamileke-Ngyemboon

Shaw, Peter Ambler


The Language of Engineering Professors: A Discourse and Registral Analysis of a Speech Event

Thorpe, Maner Lawton

Ry­­ūkyūan Language History




Baumgardner, Robert Jr.

Sociolinguistic Aspects of Persian Pronouns of Address: A Macro/Micro Analysis

Dunlea, Anne


The Role of Visual Information in the Emergence of Meaning: A Comparison of

Blind and Sighted Children

Holmback, Heather Kristine

The Interpretation of Definite and Indefinite Descriptions

Kroll, Barbara

Levels of Eroor in ESL Composition

Robertson, Jack Forrest

Bangkok Thai Towes




Duranti, Alessandro

The Fono: A Samoan Speech Event

Frommer, Paul Robert

Post-Verbal Phenomena in Colloquial Persian Syntax

Randriamasimanana, Charles

A Study of the Causative Constructions of Malagasy




Tse, John Kwok-Ping


Language Planning and English as a Foreign Language in Middle School Education in the Republic of China




Abdul-Ghani, Hasan

Perceived Attitudes and Second Language Learning

Hou, John Yien-Yao

Grammatical Relations in Chinese

Tamori, Ikuhiro

A Study of Japanese Adverbs




Abdul-Ghani, Christina

Accent in Discourse: An Analysis of Function

Bennett, Tina Lynne


A Developmental Pragmatic & Psycholinguistic Investigation of Repetition in the Speech of Genre

Tadadjeu, Maurice

A Model for Functional Trilingual Education Planning in Africa

Watabe. Masakazu

An Examination of Topic in Japanese




Coates, Marvin Richard


An Investigation of the Effect of Computer Assisted Instruction on Foreign Speakers’ Learning of English Complement Structures

Kageyama, Taro

Lexical Structures: A Comparative Study of Japanese and English

Pederson, Donald Leslie

Grammatical Structures of Guarani

Tsao, Feng-Fu

A Functional Study of Topic in Chinese: The First Step Toward Discourse Analysis




Michell, Barbara Gillian

A Pragmatic Analysis of Sentence Adverbs: A Study with Particular Reference to Obviously

Suter, Richard Walter


An Experimental Investigation of Selected Predictor Variables and Their Relationship to Pronunciation Accuracy in Non native English Speech






Hertz, Robert Martin

The Grammar of English Causative Transitivity

Johnson, Lawrence Alfred

A Sociolinguistics Study of Selected Vowel Changes in Los Angeles English

Kim, Kong-On

Temporal Structural of Spoken Korean: An Acoustic Phonetic Study




Cook, Philip Harold

Theme, Rheme, and Focus as Grammatical Universals

Flynn, Terrence Michael

Language in Context: Toward the Psychologically Real Grammar

Hojo, Michio Mark


Intonation of Single-Word Utterances in Japanese: An  Acoustic Phonetic Study

Ross, Stephen Bradford



A Syntactic Analysis of the Written Language of Selected Black Elementary School Children with Reference to Sociological Variables

Schulz, Muriel Ripley

A Case Grammar of the Parker Manuscript of the Anglo- Saxon Chronicle from 734 to 891




Burne, Kevin George


A Syntactic Analysis of the Writing of Some 4th, 5th, 6th Grade Caucasian Children in the LA City Schools

Raney, George William



The Accidence and Syntax in John Wallis’ 1653 Grammatica Linguae Anglicanae: A Translation and a Commentary on its Alleged Relationship to the 1660 Port-royal Grammaire Générale et Raisonnée




Barela, Robert Edward

A Descriptive Sytax of King Alfred’s Soliloquies

O’Neill, George Joseph


NNE Grammatical Items in the Speech of Negro Elementary School Children as Correlates of Age, Grade, and Social Status




Weitzman, Raymond Stanley

Japanese Accent: An Analysis Based on Acoustic-Phonetic Data




Karam, Francis Xavier

An Investigation of Some Critical Factors in Language Synthesis and the Implications of These Factors for Linguists as Language Engineers

Lee, Mary Elizabeth

Justus Goerg Schottel and Linguistic Theory

Simeon, George John

The Phonetics and Morphology of Hokkaido Ainu








Kelly, Reine Cardaillac

A Descriptive Analysis of the Gascon Dialect Spoken at Donzec (Tarn-et-Garonne), France




* deceased

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