SPAN 389: Immigration, Society and Work Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Picture of class in front of the Pink House:
Credit: Prof. Martín Ocón-Gamarra: Argentina Maymester 2022:
Casa Rosada (Government Palace). Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Department: The Department of Latin American and Iberian Cultures

Director: For more information contact Professor Martín Ocón-Gamarra at

or Professor Karen P. Pérez at

Dates: May 13 – June 7, 2024

Location: Buenos Aires and Patagonia, Argentina

Course Description:

This course explores the role immigration and the issue of identity have played in shaping several aspects of modern Argentinean society such as social inequality, job opportunities, workplace culture and work regulations. Students will be exposed to readings and case studies that discuss the immigration processes of different groups that arrived in Argentina throughout its history, in many cases preserving their culture and traditions. This course also analyzes the issue of Argentinean identity through the lens of work and workplace culture and regulations. Moreover, students in this course will tackle the following questions through key readings, presentations and group discussions: What triggered immigration into Argentina and which were the main communities of newcomers? Did the Argentine government favor this immigration process? How are identities and social structures intertwined with job opportunities and work status? How are work and workplace cultures in Argentina similar or different from those in the United States?

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Course credit:

This is a 4-unit English-taught course that counts as an elective for most majors.

Picture of Welcome dinner in Mendoza, Argentina:
Photo Credit: Prof. Martín Ocón-Gamarra: Argentina Maymester 2022:
Welcome dinner at Dantesco Restaurant. Mendoza, Argentina.

Application Deadline: Friday, November 10, 2023 at 11:59 pm


*Please note: You need to fill out both, the LAIC Department Application Google Form and the USC Dornsife Maymester Application (Terra Dotta) in order to complete the application process. Please access both of the links below:

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This is a class open to all undergraduate students. There are no prerequisites.

Graduate students are ineligible to apply. Progressive students must contact the FLP office for eligibility prior to applying (

Intermediate level of Spanish is required.


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Estimated Costs (Excluding Spring Tuition) (if on a mobile device, scroll left to right to see the costs)

International flight (USA-Buenos Aires-USA): ~$1,000
Domestic flight (Buenos Aires-Bariloche-Buenos Aires):  $300
Room & Board* $1,200 (It includes: Hotel in Buenos Aires: 6 nights; Homestays in Bariloche: 2 weeks)
Picture of class riding horses:
Credit: Prof. Martín Ocón-Gamarra: Argentina Maymester 2022:
      Horseback riding in Mendoza mountains. Mendoza, Argentina.
Picture of class in front of Iguazú Waterfalls:
Credit: Prof. Martín Ocón-Gamarra: Argentina Maymester 2022:
Cataratas de Iguazú. Puerto Iguazú, Argentina.

PLEASE NOTE: A $500 non-refundable deposit is due upon student acceptance of a Maymester course. This deposit will be charged to the student’s account directly and applied to the cost of the program. While most spring courses allow for an add/drop period, Maymester courses require immediate commitment due to travel arrangements and budgeting.

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