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COVID Winter Surge Brings New Challenges for Elder and Youth Health Care

Black Family Caregivers Endorse Vaccines and Boosters as California Battles COVID

A Message From Caregivers: Vaccines or Formaldehyde? The Choice is Yours

Air pollution exposure during pregnancy is linked with greater risk of depression among Latinas

Daddy's home: how fatherhood changes a man

USC, CHLA to create Latinx health center

New Podcast Empowers the Sandwich Generation with Caregiver Self-Care and Well Home Design Solutions

More than 53 million Americans caring for older loved ones can listen on demand to news, solutions, expert advice, celebrity interviews and more as national caregiving influencer, author and corporate gerontologist, Sherri Snelling, launches the "Caregiving Club On Air" podcast today. CCF's Donna Benton will be one of the initial guests on the podcast.

USC and CHLA win $24.5 million NIH grant to establish center aimed at improving Latino health across Southern California

USC students speak about caregiving experiences

Looking To Lose Weight? New Research Shows Diet Drinks Might Not Be the Sweet Spot

Both Sucrose and High Fructose Corn Syrup Linked to Increased Health Risks

Back to school: Educators and families confront learning loss and mental health challenges

Isolation, anxiousness, depression: What it's like becoming a mother during the COVID-19 pandemic

Explosive Activision Blizzard lawsuit could set California labor law precedent, lawyers say

Nearly 120,000 children in US have lost a primary caregiver to COVID-19: Internal CDC data

It may be possible to predict a man's parenting style before their baby is born, study finds

Why The "Worker Shortage" Is A Reflection Of Low Wages & The Pandemic Forced Moms To Leave The Workforce

Mothers struggle to return to work as California reopens

A father’s parenting style could be predicted in advance of his child’s birth

How 'alloparenting' can be a less isolating way to raise kids

I married a vaccine skeptic

Dornsife center focuses on the changing family

"Sugarproof" - How to Break free From Sugar Addiction

How too much sugar consumption affects your child’s health

‘COVID Orphans': Estimated 40,000 U.S. Children Have Lost at Least 1 Parent to COVID

Founded as the pandemic hit, a new center brings together experts on the changing family

Can You Decorate and Clean Your Way to Happiness? Science Says Yes

COVID-19 Made It Clear We Need To Care For Caregivers

Giving a voice to Latina immigrant mothers affected by COVID-19

Study: In ‘Seismic Shift’ Due to Pandemic, Workers, Patients Embrace Telehealth, Remote Work for Long Haul

Children's Hospital Los Angeles receives $6.1M to study treatment of youth anxiety

How many mothers have lost a child: A global comparison

'Why are you surprised?'Cadbury’s Creme Eggs sugar content video sparks Twitter row

Encouraging Women to Live Leadership as a Lifestyle Is the Key to Resilience

Thousands of child care centers shutter, spelling bad news for California

USC and California Emerging Technology Fund form partnership to close the digital divide

The pandemic echoes a history of disruption for Black families, stretching back to slavery

SUGARPROOF: The Hidden Dangers of Sugar

Folks Were Socially Distant In Their Bedrooms Too––No COVID Baby Boom

A year into the pandemic, mothers and children are still struggling

‘Revolutionary’ federal stimulus bill could cut California child poverty by half

Men need to care about caregiving so the entire labor force can benefit

One year of pandemic: Moms, kids struggle to recover

Grieving Is Hard. Grieving During A Pandemic Is Even Harder.

Two L.A. families turned a McMansion into the ultimate pandemic pod. How’d they do it?

The COVID-19 Pandemic Has Led To A 'Baby Bust,' Not A Baby Boom

How Southern California teachers explain U.S. Capitol riot

What is therapy? A beginner’s guide to mental health

Different forms of sugar impact hunger-suppressing hormones in young adults

A support group for women on the front lines of the caregiving crisis

Not just a number: Millions grieving the 250,000 Americans dead from COVID-19

As the US surpasses 250K COVID-19 deaths, SoCal learns to deal with layers of grief

Coronavirus: US death toll surpasses 250K as total COVID-19 cases near 11.5M

What 250,000 confirmed COVID-19 deaths really means

“All Any Of Us Wants To Do Right Now Is Contain The Chaos”: Why 2020 Triggered A National Tupperware Habit

Losing a Sibling a Common Tragedy in Poorer Nations, Study Finds

Mothers overwhelmingly supervise remote learning, poll finds

Kids are exercising less and sitting more during the pandemic

Consuming sugary beverages while breastfeeding affects cognitive development in children

Researcher: Coronavirus death toll likely affecting nearly 2 million US family members

One in 10 New Dads Gets Postpartum Depression. Here’s How to Spot It (and Stop It).

A Tidal Wave of Evictions May Displace Familes

When Video Chat is the Only Thing Holding Your Family Together

COVID-19-fueled anxiety and depression peaked in early April, then declined

Giving Birth In A Pandemic Can Be Isolating. It Doesn't Have To Be

Volunteers Serving as Lifelines to Isolated Seniors Amid Pandemic

Volunteers Serving As Lifelines To Isolated Seniors Amid Pandemic

COVID-19 Is Making Americans Even More Sedentary. The Effects Could Be Long-Lasting

How to cope with stress and be kind to yourself, according to the World Health Organization's new illustrated guide

Timely Breast Milk Consumption May Help Babies Tell Time

A too-common horror for mothers in sub-Saharan Africa: Death of their children

COVID19 Opens an Important Conversation About Death

I See Caregivers … When Will I See Policymakers?

How social workers are doing their jobs online amid COVID-19

How to avoid becoming a coronavirus divorce statistic

Americans disagree on how risky the coronavirus is, but most are changing their behavior anyway

How to Have a Nightly Check-in With Your Partner

'Tsunami of Grief' to Hit as More Loved Ones Die

Parents Battle ‘Huge Pressure’ Of Enforcing Education, Screen Time Limits For Kids During Coronavirus Quarantine

Coping strategies linked to mental health risks during girls’ puberty

'Tsunami of grief' as millions of Americans could lose a parent or grandparent to COVID-19

Psychological stress and post-traumatic growth from COVID-19

Americans disagree on how risky the coronavirus is, but most are changing their behavior anyway

Expert advice for coping when a family member is diagnosed with coronavirus

In sickness and health: How to help your relationships survive COVID-19 quarantine

Screen time that supports new parents and young kids can enhance family health

Parenting in the Time of Quarantine, Olympics Postponed, Coronavirus Restaurant Closures

Stockpiling Toilet Paper and Other Maladaptive Responses to the COVID-19 Pandemic

7 ways people have responded to the coronavirus: Improved hygiene tops the list

More Americans recognizing importance of COVID-19 safety measures

How parents can talk to their kids about COVID-19

Love and structure will carry us through

Trends: tidy house, tidy mind

Coronavirus changes life in OC from hoarding to helping

Many Americans believe they have little chance of being infected with coronavirus

Coronavirus: poll shows how Americans are changing behavior

How to care for older adults during the coronavirus pandemic

Obesity might be 'contagious' among teens

Local obesity rates may normalize unhealthy weight in teens

Boosting the cost of sodas and sugary drinks might not equal better health, say experts

Parenting during coronavirus lockdown

Specific carbohydrate in breast milk may enhance babies' neurodevelopment

Children's Hospital Los Angeles study reveals component of human breast milk enhances cognitive development

The death of a child is a devastatingly common experience for many African mothers

How nonshared environmental factors come to correlate with heredity

Turning parenthood into your academic super power

What happens to children when fathers go to war?

Alzheimer's Disease impacts women in higher numbers and different ways

Lauren Shapiro interviewed about recognizing depressive symptoms

Donna Benton named to aging stakeholder advisory committee

The Obesity Society recognizes Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Human breast milk may help babies tell time via circadian signals from mom

Paid family leave is a game changer for new parents' health, not just their economic security

Member Ashwini Lakshmanan receives new award for healthcare innovation

Can we prevent perinatal depression?

Testosterone levels may be linked with fathers' postpartum depression

Maternal stress may shape early infant neurodevelopment

Using technology to expand the reach of home visiting programs

The health effects of caregiver stress

Health equity in childhood

The public health implications of family leave

Mentoring innovative clinical science research