Dr. Elsi Kaiser, Lab Director

Lab alumni news

Monica Do (PhD 2018) is now a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Pennsylvania.

Check out recent publications by Monica Do (PhD 2018, now at the University of Pennsylvania) here, Heeju Hwang (PhD 2012, now at the University of Hong Kong) here and by Fuyun Wu (PhD 2009, now at Shanghai Jiao Tong University) here.


Current graduate students

Ana Besserman

Psycholinguistics, Sentence Processing, Discourse, Pragmatics, Information Status, Referring Expressions, Implicit Arguments

pianibes AT usc DOT edu

Cindy Chiang

syntactic development and word learning, effects of linguistic and nonlinguistic cues

cindyc AT usc DOT edu

Bhamati Dash

Syntax, Indo Aryan Languages, Question/Answer Structures, Agreement, Long Distance Agreement

bhamatid AT usc DOT edu


Madhumanti Datta

Syntax, child language acquisition, acquisition of syntax-semantics mappings, Indo-Aryan languages, language processing

madhumad AT usc DOT edu

Betul Erbasi

Syntax, Syntax and its Interfaces with Interpretation and Morphology, Psycholinguistics

erbasi AT usc DOT edu


Haley Farkas

Semantics, Child Language Acquisition, Psycholinguistics, Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Science

hfarkas AT usc DOT edu

Brooke Kidner

Phonetics, Phonology, Computational Phonology, Psycholinguistics, Language Documentation, Native American languages

bkidner AT usc DOT edu


Silbia Kim

Psycholinguistics, Sentence Processing, Bilingualism, Code-switching, Individual Differences

silbiaki AT usc DOT edu

Sarah Hye-yeon Lee

Psycholinguistics, Sentence Processing, Syntax-Semantics interface, Lexical semantics

sarahhl AT usc DOT edu

Yijing Lu

Speech Production, Speech Perception, Computational Linguistics, Speech Language Pathology


yijinglu AT usc DOT edu

Binh Ngo

Psycholinguistics, Pragmatics, Reference Resolution, Pronouns, Syntax, Numeral Classifiers

binhnngo AT usc DOT edu

Daniel Plesniak

Syntax-Semantics of Modification, East Asian Languages, Nominal Phrase Typology, Diachronic Change, Third Factor Constraints

plesniak AT usc DOT edu

Ian Rigby

Psycholinguistics, Sentence Processing, Cognitive Semantics, Pragmatics, Discourse

irigby AT usc DOT edu

Jina Song

Psycholinguistics, Sentence Processing, Anticipatory Processing, Syntax, Korean Linguistics

jinas AT usc DOT edu

Jesse Storbeck

psycholinguistics, sentence processing, first language acquisition, statistical learning, computational modeling

jstorbec AT usc DOT edu

Dr. Angela Xiaoxue He, Philosophy and Linguistics

developmental psycholinguistics, language acquisition, experimental semantics

xiaoxue AT usc DOT edu

Affiliated Faculty

Dr. Stefan Keine, Linguistics

Syntax, semantics, morphology, sentence processing

keine AT usc DOT edu

Dr. Toben Mintz, Linguistics and Psychology

language acquisition

tmintz AT usc DOT edu


Dr. Roumyana Pancheva, Linguistics

syntax, syntax-semantics interface, semantics

pancheva AT usc DOT edu


Dr. Deniz Rudin, Linguistics

Semantics, Pragmatics

drudin AT usc DOT edu

Dr. Mary Byram Washburn, Linguistics

Focus, Exhaustivity, Information Structure, Cognition, Experimental Design, Communication Disorders

byram AT usc DOT edu

Dr. Alexis Wellwood, Philosophy and Linguistics

semantics, philosophy of language and mind, experimental semantics

wellwood AT usc DOT edu

Dr. Jason Zevin, Psychology and Linguistics

Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Neuroscience, Computational Modeling

zevin AT usc DOT edu

Dr. Maria Luisa Zubizarreta, Linguistics

Linguistic Theory, Syntax, Prosody/Information Structure Interface, Language contact and Language acquisition

zubizarr AT usc DOT edu

Honorary Member