Addiction: We currently are working on several projects related to addiction. We are examining how changes in emotions and decision-making over time relate to changes in functioning among people with current and past Substance Use Disorder. This work is led by Nina Christie. We are also examining the stability of delay discounting over a 10-year period, and the degree to which it predicts successful quitting in a sample of cigarette smokers (in collaboration with Shan Luo, PhD and Eustace Hsu, PhD).

Eating: In collaboration with Kathleen Page, MD, our lab is carrying out neuroimaging work on CNS substrates of appetite. This includes recent work led by Xiaobei Zhang, PhD assessing the impact of non-nutritive sweetener on appetite regulation. We are also (in collaboration with Alayna Tackett, PhD) examining the impact of vaping on appetite regulation using functional neuroimaging. Our lab is currently supported in this work through a grant from the National Institute of Health (through 2024).


Recent Publications

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