Faculty & Staff

John Monterosso, Associate Professor

John Monterosso studies mechanisms underlying human self-control success and failure from the combined perspectives of behavioral economics and cognitive neuroscience. He has co-authored more than 100 journal articles and book chapters. His research is primarily applied to the problem of addiction and obesity, and it is currently supported by the National Institute of Health.



Graduate Students

Milad Kassaie

I am a PhD student in the Brain and Cognitive Science area of USC Psychology program. I am interested in human motivation and decision making, and the contextual factors that influence them. I use neuroimaging, physiological measurements, and computational modeling to tackle issues of interest in these fields.

I have previous experience in using non-invasive brain stimulation(TMS, tES)  and fMRI to study value-based decision making and food craving.


Nina Christie

Nina Christie is interested in the link between substance use and social isolation with a particular emphasis on opioid addiction and the role of the endogenous opioid system. At the societal level, her work focuses on harm reduction and public health policy and their impact on long-term outcomes for those with substance use disorders. She graduated with her BA in Psychology from UCLA in 2016 and with her MPH on Health Services & Policy from USC in 2021. 


Research Assistants

I recently graduated from USC, where I studied Health and Human Sciences in addition to Natural Science. I am investigating emotional processes related to addiction as well as the effects of nicotine on appetite. Both of these studies involve the use of fMRI imaging.

Aisling Covell

I’m an undergraduate student majoring in Human Biology (BS), and minoring in Addiction Sciences. Currently, I’m working with Dr. Monterosso as a research assistant to help conduct the vape-brain project, where discounting behavior and fMRI imaging will be used to investigate the role of e-cigarettes on appetite suppression. 

Sudi Feng

I am an undergraduate studying neuroscience, applied analytics, and piano. Currently as a part of the vape-brain project, I am exploring how different aspects of e-cigarettes and vaping, such as flavoring, can affect food decisions. Outside of the study, I am interested in the intersection of healthcare, research, and business, am an advocate for mental health, and enjoy playing classical piano in my free time. 

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