April, 2022.  USC News story on the lab's paper on the role of TRPM8 in migraines. Link

November, 2021. Dr. McKemy begins his term as a Reviewing Editor for the Journal of Neuroscience, focusing on studies of pain. 

October, 2021. Shanni Yamaki successfully defends her dissertation!

October, 2021. Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine Awarded to David Julius and Ardem Patapoutian for the discovery of receptors for temperature and touch. Link

February, 2021. Shanni Yamaki's work on TRPA1 and cold pain published in PAIN and selected as an Editor's Choice Research Paper. Check out her video abstract here.


December, 2019. In a great collaboration with the Cantin group at City of Hope, Jose Corleto showed that the gut microbiome is critical for chemotherapeutic-induced pain in mice in a paper in Scientific Reports

May, 2019. Serra Ongun successfully defends her dissertationa and is off to start her career at Genentech!

June, 2018. Ever wondered how menthol and cooling relieve itch? Rahika Palkar's publication in J. of Investigative Dermatology shows you need TRPM8!

May, 2018. In an extension of Dan McCoy's study, Serra Ongun showed that cold and cold pain can be blocked by targeted nerve conduction block of TRPM8 neurons in a paper published in Communications Biology

May, 2018. Radhika Palkar successfully defends her dissertation and is off to a postdoc at UCLA!

February, 2017. Dan McCoy's studying showing TRPM8 permeates large cations is publsihed in Neuroscience Letters

April, 2016. Erika Lippoldt's research showing that the receptor GFRalpha3 is required for pathological cold pain is published in PNAS.

May, 2015. Erika Lippoldt successfully defends her dissertation and is off to Hollywood!!

December, 2014. Check out this "cool" video on the history of Peppermint from the Dornsife College of LAS. It even got some press in Scientific American.

May, 2014. Dan McCoy defends his thesis and it off to Duke for his post-doc. Congrats Dan!!

July, 2013. The lab's findings that artemin, a GDNF-like neurotrophic factor, induces cold pain in a TRPM8-dependent manner is published in the J. of Neruroscience. Pubmed

February, 2013. The J. of Neuroscience publishes the lab's characterization of a mouse line in which neurons that express TRPM8 are ablated, animals that can't sense cold! PubMed
This study generated a lot of press, which was great. (link-1) (Link2) (Link-1).

May, 2012. Wendy Knowlton successfully defends and is off to Harvard! Congrats Wendy!

September, 2011. Wendy and Luke's TRPM8 antagonist paper published in PLoSOne! Pubmed.

December, 2010. Dr. McKemy was awarded the USC College of Letters, Arts & Sciences Albert S. Raubenheimer Outstanding Junior Faculty Award.


July, 2010. Wendy Knowlton's Abstract for the 2010 Society for Neuroscience Annual Meeting in San Diego has been selected for a Nanosymposium. She will be giving a presentation of her research on Monday the 18th of November. CONGRATS Wendy!


June, 2010. Former lab member Yoshio Takashima's work was published online in the journal Neuroscience and higlighted by USC News.


June, 2010. Wendy Knowlton's work was publsihed online in Pain.


December, 2007. Work published in J. Neuroscience was discussed in a poem by Charles Osgood on his radio show the Osgood Files. Go figure!

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