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Select recent papers (2020- )

Ignacio-Espinoza, J. Cesar, Nathan A. Ahlgren, and Jed A. Fuhrman. 2020. Long-term stability and Red Queen-like strain dynamics in marine viruses. Nature Microbiology 5: 265–271  (online 2019)DOI 10.1038/s41564-019-0628-x

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Sieradzki, Ella T., Michael Morando and Jed A. Fuhrman. 2021. Metagenomics and stable isotope probing offer insights into metabolism of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons biodegraders in chronically polluted seawater. mSystems 2021 6 (3): e00245-21. doi: 10.1128/mSystems.00245-21. Also bioRxiv

Long, A.M., Hou, S., Ignacio-Espinoza, J.C, and J.A. Fuhrman. 2021. Benchmarking microbial growth rate predictions from metagenomes. ISME J, 15:183–195 .     bioRxiv

Yeh, Yi-Chun, Jesse C McNichol, David M Needham, Erin B Fichot, Jed A Fuhrman. 2021. Comprehensive single‚ÄźPCR 16S and 18S rRNA community analysis validated with mock communities, and estimation of sequencing bias against 18S. Environmental Microbiology 23(6), 3240–3250  bioRxiv :

Weissman, Jake L, Shengwei Hou, Jed A Fuhrman. 2021. Estimating maximal microbial growth rates from cultures, metagenomes, and single cells via codon usage patterns. Proc. Nat. Acad. Sci., March 23, 2021 118 (12) e2016810118;  bioRxiv\


McNichol, Jesse, Paul M. Berube, Steven J. Biller, Jed A. Fuhrman. 2021. Evaluating and Improving SSU rRNA PCR Primer Coverage via Metagenomes from Global Ocean Surveys. mSystems 6:e00565-21. Also bioRxiv


Weissman, Jake L,  Ellinor O Alseth, Sean Meaden, Edze R Westra, Jed A Fuhrman. 2021. Immune Lag Is a Major Cost of Prokaryotic Adaptive Immunity During Viral Outbreaks. Proc R  Soc B. 288: 20211555.      


Ignacio-Espinoza, J. Cesar, Sarah M. Laperriere, Yi-Chun Yeh, Jake Weissman, Shengwei Hou, Andrew M. Long, & Jed A. Fuhrman. Ribosome-linked mRNA-rRNA chimeras reveal active novel virus host associations. Submitted to Nature Microbiology. bioRxiv:

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 Milke, Felix, Selene Sanchez-Garcia, Leon Dlugosch, Jesse McNichol, Jed Fuhrman, Meinhard Simon, Irene Wagner-Döbler. 2022. Composition and biogeography of pro- and eukaryotic communities in the Atlantic Ocean: primer choice matters. Front. Microbiol., vol 13, online 28 June 2022 |

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Fletcher-Hoppe, Colette ,Yi-Chun Yeh, Yubin Raut, J.L. Weissman, Jed A. Fuhrman. 2023. Symbiotic diazotrophic UCYN-A strains co-occurred with El Niño, relaxed upwelling, and varied eukaryotes over 10 years off Southern California Bight. ISME Comm. In press, and BioRxiv doi:

Dart E, Fuhrman JA, Ahlgren NA. 2023. Diverse Marine T4-like Cyanophage Communities Are Primarily Comprised of Low-Abundance Species Including Species with Distinct Seasonal, Persistent, Occasional, or Sporadic Dynamics. Viruses 15(2):581.