Prof. Jed Fuhrman

McCulloch-Crosby Chair of Marine Biology

AHF 211

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Yubin Raut, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Researcher CV


AHF 230

My broad research interests are to better understand and describe the roles microbes play in global biogeochemical (e.g., C, N) cycles. I joined the Fuhrman lab as a postdoc in July 2021 to contribute to ongoing research projects aimed at establishing a stable biogeographic database of global microbial distribution and abundance patterns from exact amplicon sequence variants sampled from many research cruises spanning across a broad spatial and temporal range. For my Ph.D. work, I was focused on investigating diazotrophs in coastal regions, specifically within macroalgal ecosystems. 

Nathan Williams, Ph.D.

Postdoctoral Fellow

AHF 230

During my PhD at University of Technology Sydney (2019-2022), I used molecular techniques to investigate microbial hazards in coastal environments. I have joined the Fuhrman lab in August 2023, and my research interests have moved beyond water quality, and I am now interested in using metagenomics to facilitate a better understanding of the distribution of marine microbes, why they are where they are, and to better understand the roles they play in major global biogeochemical cycles.


Colette Fletcher Hoppe

Graduate student   CV


AHF 230

I am interested in the spatial/ temporal dynamics of microbial communities that contribute to global biogeochemical cycles, and anthropogenic influences therein. I am currently working with Dr. Espinoza and a visiting student with a meta-transcriptomic analysis of a spring bloom off the California coast. I received my bachelor's degree from Vassar College in 2015, and joined the Fuhrman lab in August 2017

Delaney Nolin

Graduate student   CV


AHF 230

I am generally interested in marine viral ecology and microbial symbioses, particularly parasite-microbe symbioses. I hope to look at how these relationships shift due to environmental changes. 

Jelani Williams

Graduate student


AHF 230

Research Interests:

• Using microbial association networks and multi-omic data to identify biological underpinnings of inter-specific interactions

• Temporal dynamics of viral infection in marine microbes

• Taxon specific carbon biomass estimates



Daria Di Blasi

Graduate student


AHF 230

Research Interests:

• Marine viral genomics and host metabolic

• Taxon specific carbon biomass estimates

• Shifts in microbial community composition
with climate change.

Past Members

JL Weissman, Postdoctoral Fellow 2020-2022

Melody Aleman, M.S. 2023

Rae Santora, M.S. 2023

Jesse McNichol, Postsoctoral Fellow 2018-2023

Shengwei Hou, Postdoctoral Fellow, 2018-2021

Julio Cesar Ignacio Espinoza, Postdoc then Lab Manager, 2016 to 2021

Sarah LaPerriere, postdoc 2019-2021

Maider Justel Díez, Exchange scholar, 2019

Andrew M. Long, Postdoctoral scholar, 2017-2019

Yuxuan "Vicky" Zou, Exchange scholar, 2017-2018

Yibo Wang, Exchange scholar, 2017-2018

Ella Sieradzki, Ph.D. 2017

Imelda Forteza, Lab Manager 2017

David Needham Ph.D. 2015, then postdoc

Nathan Ahlgren, postdoc 2013-2016

Alma Parada, Ph.D. 2015

Lyria Berdjeb, Post-doc 2014-2015

Laura Gomez-Consarnau, Post-doc

Erin Biers Fichot, Lab Manager 2014-2016

Jacob Cram, PhD 2014

Cathy Roney, Lab Manager 2012-2014

Cheryl Chow, PhD 2012

Anand Patel, Ph.D. 2011

Joshua Steele, Ph.D. 2010

Rohan Sachdeva, Lab Manager 2007-2010

Mahira Kakajiwala, Lab Manager 2006-7, M.S 2009

J Michael Beman, post-doc

Michael Schwalbach, Ph.D. 2006

John Griffith, Ph.D. 2006

Xiaolin Liang, M.S. 2005

Ian Hewson, Ph.D. 2005

Mark Brown, post-doc

Cleber Ouverney, Ph.D. 2000

Rachel Noble, Ph.D. 1998, post-doc

Stefanie Gehret M.S. 1998

Pierre Rossi, post-doc

Markus Karner, post-doc

Robin Wilcox, M.S. 1993

Lita Proctor, Ph.D. 1991

Kirk McCallum, post-doc

Yaeko Masuchi, post-doc

Curtis Suttle, post-doc

Amy Chan, Lab Manager 1987-88

SangHoon Lee, M.S. 1986, Ph.D. 1990

James Mitchell, Ph.D. 1987

George McManus, Ph.D. 1986

John Hudak, M.S. 1985

Marianne Legier, M.S. 1985