Lab Meetings

Typical lab meeting, Photo by David Needham, January 2015

Lunch and Science: Weekly meetings over lunch are stimulating! --photo by David Needham

Microscopy Images

fluorescence micrograph of prokaryotes and viruses stained with SYBR Green I. The smallest dots are viruses and larger ones are bacteria or archaea. The bacteria are approximately 0.5 micrometers in diameter.

Epifluorescence photomicrograph of bacteria and viruses like the one above, but with a large pennate diatom in the middle of the field.

Transmission electron micrograph of viruses (dark items) and other similar-sized material concentrated from seawater. The viruses are approximately 50 nanometers in diameter.

Water Collection at the San Pedro Ocean Time Series (SPOT)

Photo by David NeedhamDavid Needham helping with the CTD rosette

David Needham helping to bring the CTD rosette onboard. Photo by Elizabeth Teel. 

Photo by David Needham

Students collecting water from Niskin bottles. Photo by Cheryl Chow. 

Laura Gómez Consarnau recharging a Niskin bottle. Photo by Alma Parada. 

Alma Parada recharging a Niskin bottle. Photo by Laura Gómez Consarnau. 

David Needham on the R/V Yellowfin. Photo by Elizabeth Teel.  

Photo by David Needham

Laboratory Photos

Cheryl Chow, Anand Patel, and Alma Parada checking their mesocosm experiment at USC. Photo by Jed Fuhrman. 

David Needham counting bacterial and viral abundance on a SYBR Green slide. Photo by Jacob Cram. 

Anotop filters concentrating viral particles for DNA extraction. Photo by Jed Fuhrman. 







Wrigley Institute, Catalina Island

Docking at Wrigley. Photo by Elizabeth Teel.

The view of the Wrigley Institute from the R/V Seawatch. Photo by Cheryl Chow. 

Lab members, Alma Parada and Jacob Cram, kayaking during the annual Marine Environmental Biology retreat to Catalina Island. Photo by Elizabeth Teel.