rincipal Investigator

James Boedicker
Associate Professor of Physics and Biological Sciences
co-Director of the Center of Excellence in Nano Imaging
University of Southern California

Current Students  

Fengjie Zhao - Post doc
Adam Krieger - Post doc
Ghazaleh Ostovar - Graduate student
Brian Weaver - Graduate student
Soumya Das - Graduate student
Luke Peach - Graduate student
Enes Haxhimali - Undergraduate
Jason Wong - Undergraduate
Ria Mandal - Highschool Student
Kimberly Wang - Highschool Student




Jason Montion - Undergraduate




Damo Nair - Undergraduate



Former group members
Mina Anis - Undergraduate
Hugo Budd - High school student
Prithvi Chellamuthu - Post doc
Ahmed Farouk - Undergraduate
Alexandra Fowler - Undergraduate
Jeremy Fung - Undergraduate
Manasi Gangan - Post Doc
Xiaokan Guo - Graduate student 
Sylvian Hemus - High school student
Jamie Huang - Undergraduate
Will Huang - Undergraduate 
Shane Jackson - Rotation student
Sol Lee - High school student
Sean Lim - Undergraduate
Gabriela Maciel - Undergraduate
Leila Mahrokh - Visiting student
Miriam Maldonado - High school student
Kyle Naughton - Graduate student
Phillip Nazarian - Undergraduate
Chad Nishimura - High school student
Connor Park - Undergraduate 
Luke Pierik - Undergraduate
Sarah Post - Visting undergraduate
Cesar Rodriguez - Undergraduate
Pavan Silva - Graduate student
Frances Tran - Graduate student
Nausheen Wakhlu - Undergraduate
Michael Wood - Undergraduate
Tahir Yusufaly - Post doc
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  • Department of Physics
  • University of Southern California