Bonaventure Hotel

404 S. Figueroa

The Bonaventure Hotel was designed by John Portman and opened in 1978. Portman also designed the Renaissance Center in Detroit and the Peachtree Plaza in Atlanta, thus defining an architectural leitmotif for 1970's urbanism. The four cylinders that flank the central cylinder are made of mirrored glass and contain luxury rooms and suites. Inside of the square base of the building can be found reflecting pools, glass elevators that climb the sides, and eight levels of shops and restaurants. A restaurant on the 35th floor boasts a revolving cocktail lounge that provides a 360 degree panoramic view of L.A.

The Bonaventure is the largest hotel in Los Angeles, with 1368 rooms (468 more rooms than any other hotel in Downtown Los Angeles). At street level, pedestrians are welcomed to the Bonaventure by unfriendly fortress facades.

PHOTOS: C. Roseman.