Arco Towers & Old Richfield Building

Flower and Fifth streets

These twin office peaks, 699 feet tall, have an underground shopping center at their feet. Desite changes in ownership — the buildings are now owned by City National Bank and Paul Hastings Bank — the complex remains known as ARCO Plaza. The towers were completed in 1971.

PHOTO: G. DeVerteuil

The towers stand across from some of the oldest buildings in New Downtown; above, the California Club, the Biltmore Hotel and the Central Library, are reflected in the City National Bank Tower.

PHOTO: J. Mapes

Formerly on this site was the art deco Richfield Building, designed by Morgan-Walls and Clemens in the 1920s. Its black masonry and gold terracotta trim was representative of the "Black Gold" of the oil industry. Above the entrance were gold figures representing Aviation, Postal Service, Industry, and Commerce. Including a tall metal tower, this building reached 371 feet, far above the 150-foot height limit that was in effect.

PHOTO: Kaplan, S. H. (1987) Los Angeles, Lost and Found. New York: Crown.