7th street

For decades, Seventh was a busy shopping street, traversing all of the major named streets in Downtown (below the photos are some ditties that have helped generations of Angeleno/as remember the order of those streets). Compare the two shots below, taken at Broadway and Seventh; the one on the left was taken in 1997, the postcard was taken in 1946.

City Ditties

Below are two ditties that for generations have helped Angelenos remember these named streets.

"In Los Angeles, there's a Main Spring on Broadway. Walk up the Hill to pick an Olive. Isn't it Grand to Hope to find a Flower on Figueroa?" (Betty Lum, Los Angeles Public Library)

Another version: "From Main we Spring to Broadway, and over the Hill to Olive. Wouldn't it be Grand if we could Hope to pick a Flower that grows on Figueroa?" (Robert D. Herman)

By the way, if you're from Philadelphia, you may know: "Market, Arch, Race, and Vine; Chestnut, Locust, Spruce, and Pine"



In October 1998, Steve Harvey's "Only in LA" column in the LA Times featured some additional ditties:

"The Main thing I hate about driving in LA is the way other drivers seem to Spring out of nowhere. Broadway is filled with over-the-Hill drivers and those who have had a few too many Olive-topped martinis. A Grand idea would be to go to work with the Hope that none of the former Flower children in their BMWs would cut you off while trying to find Figueroa." (Mike Frankovich)

"The Main thing, I say with a Spring in my voice, `is I'm gonna star on Broadway before I'm over the Hill. I was born to play Olive Oyl. I'll be Grand, at least I Hope. For my debut, bring a Flower but no chocolates --I've gotta watch my skinny Figueroa." (Dawna Kaufmann)

"Valley votes' Main beefs Spring from the Broad way they're ignored by the folks from over the Hill; and wouldn't it be nice if a new charter offered an Olive branch in the Grand Hope that peace will again Flower from San Fernando to Figueroa." (Anthony Combs)

"In the Main I have a Spring in my step, but at Broadway and Hill I was wounded in a drive-by by a kid in an Olive colored Grand Am. I'll be pushing up a Flower on Figueroa soon." (Richard Graham) [Roseman and DeVerteuil note: this one has no Hope]

PHOTO: C. Roseman POSTCARD: Obtained by Gustavus Adolphus R. Johnson, grandfather of C. Roseman, in 1946.