USC Korean Heritage Library

USC Korean Heritage Library is one of the premier Korean studies libraries in the country, and continues to expand in innovative directions. Established in April 1986, its current collection includes books, 1,600 serials, 1,500 videocassettes and DVDs, 2,330 reels of microfilm, 240 maps (including 180 rare maps), 110 CD ROMs, and several hundred photographs. The KHL's particular strengths are in Korean newspapers, Korean-American and immigration history, Korean cinema, journalism and mass media, Korean independence movements, the Korean War and local materials of the Cholla-do region. 

While a typical Korean library collection in this country comprises only about 5 percent to 10 percent of East Asian holdings, the Korean Heritage Library represents more than 40 percent of USC's East Asian holdings, followed by Chinese and Japanese. This is a reflection of the importance that Korean Studies holds at the University of Southern California.

Sun-Yoon Lee created a library guide for KHL's extensive multimedia collections in the USC Library Guide. Joy Kim was the invited speaker at the Discover Chinese & Korean Cultures through Ancient Maps & Korean Classics: Seminar & Exhibition, held at the City University of Hong Kong. Her talk was entitled Journey through the Centuries: Changing Images of Korea and China as Represented in Western Maps, showcasing USC's famous Sea of Korea Maps. The maps can be viewed here.

The KHL also recently acquired 300 rare volumes published during the Japanese colonial period, and we also gratefully acknowledge the generosity of the following in-kind donors:

    Prof. Sang Oak Lee of the Seoul National University who donated close to 1,000 books in Korean  
    humanities. Mrs. Ock Hee Cheong who donated some 500 Korean and Japanese books.

    Prof. Kyung Moon Hwang, history, who donated a set of 120 limited edition reprints of rare archaic 
    Korean maps showing every county in Korea during the Choson dynasty.

Please contact Joy Kim or Sun-Yoon Lee if you have any questions or inquiries about Korean studies resources.

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