Looking Ahead to a Thrilling Fall Semester: JEP Welcomes 1000+ Students

by Kathrin Rising

Three students tabling at a student engagement fair
Over the summer and at the beginning of the semester, our student leaders participated in several freshman orientation and “Back-to-School” events. They were excited to present all of the many opportunities to get involved with JEP this fall semester.

“Over 1000 students enroll in JEP every semester” – that’s a fact we love to share with anyone interested in JEP, whether a student, faculty, or community member. A fact that was true … until the pandemic hit and opportunities to serve and learn were limited.

As we have transitioned back to in-person service, student enrollment numbers have increased as well.  But it wasn’t until this semester that we were back to our pre-pandemic numbers. “We already have 93 submitted applications,” one of our staff members excitedly exclaimed at 9 am on day three of the two-week application period. As someone who went to Dornsife’s Welcome experience for Freshmen, I was able to see first-hand the excitement and passion this new cohort of students had for everything that JEP offers. Lo and behold, at 5pm on the last day of applications, we counted over 1000 submitted student applications for JEP’s various programs… and not by a small margin either.

Sharing the excitement about the new school year, the JEP staff is looking forward to another semester full of opportunities to serve, learn, engage, and connect with our JEP family. One event we anticipate is the renowned Trojan Family Weekend, during which current students are encouraged to share our campus with their families in different ways. This year, we will welcome visitors to the JEP House, where our student leaders will share more about our many programs and their impact.

Another upcoming event that sparks anticipatory joy in the JEP House are the science workshops we have planned for different groups – ranging from young students, to teachers looking for professional development opportunities, and even some of our corporate partners, who will share some new, pioneering STEM resources with our Young Scientists this fall.

Finally, with now over 1000 students signed up, we cannot wait to see so many young adults experience what we know to be a fun, impactful, and transformative experience. Hearing their stories at the end of the semester is a highlight during any year, but considering this semester’s returning passion and excitement for service-learning and community engagement, it might just be an extra special treat right ahead of winter break.

In any case, you will be able to read about it during our next newsletter, to be released at the end of 2023. So stay tuned for more!

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