Jewish Studies Majors & Minors

Major in Jewish Studies
  • Required Core Courses:
    • JS 100p Introduction to Jewish History OR  JS 180p Judaism (4 units)
    • REL 301 Introduction to the Study of Religion (4 units)   (Fall; to be taken near the beginning of Religion coursework)
    • REL 401 Seminar in Religions (4 units)   (Spring; to be taken near the end of Religion coursework)
  • Judaism as a Religious Tradition Track (Choose 1 Course)
  • Jewish History and Culture Track (Choose 1 Course)
  • Electives (3 Courses):
    • Choose three electives from either track. At least one of the electives must be upper-division (300-499)

Hebrew Language:  Students are encouraged to study the Hebrew language through HEBR 120 Hebrew I, HEBR 150 Hebrew II, and HEBR 220 Hebrew III, which may be used to fulfill the Dornsife language requirement. However, it is not required.


Minor in Jewish Studies

The minor in Jewish Studies provides the opportunity for in-depth study of Jewish thought, ethics, history, literature, tradition, spirituality, and gender studies. It is an interdisciplinary program that challenges students to examine and learn about Jews and Judaism as a topic of academic inquiry.

For the minor, students must take either JS 100 or JS 180 and then choose four upper division courses from either of the two tracks.

Total unit requirement: 20 units


Minor in Jewish American Studies

In conjunction with American Studies and Ethnicity, Jewish Studies offers a multi-disciplinary program designed to introduce students to the history and culture of American Jews in comparative context. Classes look at Jews’ interactions with diverse communities and cultures throughout the United States. This minor develops skills in thinking critically about majority and minority cultures, diversity among ethnic groups, and multi-faith relationships.

For the minor, 20 units of American Studies and Judaic Studies are required.


Academic Advising

Academic Advising is available through USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences. Contact Lisa Perkins at or visit to set up an advising appointment.