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JEP: Staffing

1998 JEP staff trainingThe Joint Educational Project uses a unique staffing pattern to coordinate both the service and learning opportunities the program provides. A talented, self-governing student staff made up of twenty-five Program Assistants and five senior students staff assists a eight-person professional staff. It is these Program Assistants that make JEP work. We also have various graduate positions for special projects.

The Program Assistants work under the direction of a student Program Assistant Coordinator and a student Placement Coordinator. Student employees coordinate nearly all of the day-to-day operations of the program. A PA may work exclusively with one professor or class or may assist in all participating faculty in a department.

PA responsibilities will vary depending on the needs of the department's faculty and students.
In general, PAs are responsible to:

  1. Attend PA Training sessions before the semester starts
  2. Attend regularly scheduled PA meetings and set up and maintain regular office hours
  3. Plan semester's work with professor(s) and other departmental instructors participating in JEP; meet regularly with instructors throughout the semester to assess progress and iron out problems
  4. Introduce JEP to participating classes
  5. Organize mini-course teams, call first meeting of all teams
  6. Help assign students; Process all changes and drop assignments; Maintain accurate records of student participation
  7. Schedule and offer training sessions for students who are assigned
  8. Notify students of available resource materials; Help students obtain materials needed for their assignments
  9. Read, comment on, record & return student Reflections, Academic Questions and Lesson Plans
  10. Maintain personal communications with students throughout the semester. Assist them in carrying out assignments and solving problems
  11. Visit schools to observe mini-course teams
  12. Assist in administrating end-of-the-semester evaluations of project
  13. Maintain departmental notebook which will include such items as: training outlines/materials, sample lesson plans, journals, academic questions, and lists of resources for students
  14. Other duties as assigned