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Jasmine McAllister

Name: Jasmine McAllister                                                                 

Major: Economics and Neuroscience

Minor: Music Industry

Class level: Junior

Research interests: Math, Neuroscience, Biology, Genetics, Economics

Related Coursework/Experience

Worked in a lab that focused on neurochemical pathways in the vertebrate retina (PI Nicholas Brecha at UCLA) and received dissection, cryostat, immunohistochemistry, and confocal microscope training. Volunteered at a computational oncology lab (PI Paul Macklin at USC’s Center for Applied Molecular Medicine)

Relevant courses taken: PSYC 100, BISC 120, CHEM 105a, BISC 220, MATH, ECON 303

Currently enrolled: MATH 225, BISC 421, ITP 101, ECON 305

If you are interested in contacting Jasmine please email