I am a PhD candidate in the program for Political Science and International Relations at the University of Southern California.

I study international responses to civil and interstate conflicts. My dissertation explores states’ foreign policy towards other states experiencing internal conflict, especially as a result of active separatist, secessionist, and self-determination movements. It focuses specifically on how state relations with countries embroiled in conflict are impacted by domestic and international normative pressures. I develop a continuous measure of international recognition and explore theories about the relationship between recognition, ongoing violence, national interests, and international norms. I also push for substantial revision in the way we carry out survey experiments probing public opinion on foreign policy, providing experimental evidence of some dilemmas inherent in the method.

I also study research methods, have taught a graduate math boot camp for the POIR program, and have instructed two undergraduate courses on social science research methods.

One more thing: If you are a first-generation college student interested in pursuing a graduate degree or academic career, feel free to get in touch with me if you want to ask me questions or just talk about how to choose a graduate school and get started in this career. I did it. I know how hard it is to break in. Reach out if you need help.


  R. Joseph Huddleston
  Ph.D. Candidate, USC POIR

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