History Courses by Time Period




History 101g The Ancient World

History 102gm Medieval People: Early Europe and Its Neighbors, 400-1500 

History 275g The Worlds of the Silk Road.  Note: This course can be used to fulfill EITHER the early OR the middle temporal-distribution requirement, but not both.

History 303 Barbarians, Romans, and Christians  

History 305 From Goddesses to Witches: Women in Premodern Europe  

History 306 The Early Middle Ages  

History 307 Women in Medieval Europe, c. 1000-1500 

History 308 Britain and Ireland to 1200 C.E.  

History 309 Britain and Ireland, 1100-1500 C.E. 

History 334 History of the Samurai 

History 335 History of Japan to 1550 

History 338 China to 960 A.D.

History 382 The Middle East, 500-1500 

History 401 The Roman World 

History 403 Carolingian Europe  

History 406 Special Periods in Medieval History 

History 407 Europe in the 10th Century 

History 408 Everyday Life in Chaucer’s England 

History 409 The Norman Conquest of England, 1066 

History 419 Poland and Its Neighbors in the Middle Ages  

History 438 Seminar in Pre-Modern Japanese History (max 8)


History 103g The Emergence of Modern Europe 

History 271g Early Native American Stories 

History 273g Colonial Latin America

History 275g The Worlds of the Silk Road.  This course can be used to fulfill EITHER the early OR the middle temporal-distribution requirement, but not both.

History 312 The Age of the French Revolution and Napoleon.  This course can be used to fulfill EITHER the middle OR the modern temporal-distribution requirement, but not both.

History 316 The Renaissance 

History 318 Early American Indian History 

History 325 Early Modern Britain 

History 331 The British Empire: 1588-1834 

History 349 Colonial North America 1600-1760 

History 351 The American Revolution 

History 369 Aztecs, Mayas, and other Indigenous Peoples of the Americas 

History 385 Anglo-American Law before the 18th Century 

History 410 The Age of Humanism and Reformation 

History 432 Britain in the 18th Century 

History 440 Early Modern World History 

History 456 Race, Slavery, and the Making of the Atlantic World 

History 470 The Spanish Inquisition in the Early Modern Hispanic World 

History 473 Colonial Latin America Seminar 

History 474 Sex, Gender, and Colonialism in Latin America, 1492 to 1820 

History 497 Senior Seminar in Early Modern Studies (Enroll in ENGL 497)

1800 to the Present

History 104g Europe and Its Influence since 1750: From the Rise of Democracy to the Age of Extremes 

History 200gm The American Experience

History 215g Business and Labor in America 

History 225g Film, Power, and American History 

 History 235g War and the American Experience 

History 245gm Gender and Sexualities in American History 

History 255g The Evolution Debates 

History 265g Understanding Race and Sex Historically 

History 266g Business and East Asian Culture, 1800-Present 

History 312 The Age of the French Revolution and Napoleon.  This course can be used to fulfill EITHER the middle OR the modern temporal-distribution requirement, but not both.

History 313 France and the French from Napoleon to Mitterand 

History 317gm North American Indians in American Public Life 

History 323 The Holocaust in 20th Century Europe 

History 324g Islam in Russia and the Soviet Union 

History 326 The Victorians 

History 327 Twentieth Century Britain 

History 329 Madness and Society in the Modern Age 

History 332 British Empire from the Mid-19th Century 

History 333 Korea: The Modern Transformation 

History 337 Japan since 1945 

History 340 History of China since 1800 

History 342 Love and Politics in America, 1750s to 2050s 

History 343 Work, Leisure, and Violence in Industrializing America 

History 344 The Vietnam War, 1945-1975 

History 345 Men and Women in United States History from the 1920s to the Present 

History 347 Urbanization in the American Experience 

History 348 The Dynamics of American Capitalism 

History 352 The American Civil War 

History 354 Mexican Migration to the United States 

History 355 The African-American Experience 

History 356 The Old South 

History 357 The New South 

History 360 19th Century U.S. History 

History 361 20th Century U.S. History 

History 363 Foundations of American Foreign Policy, 1776 to the Present 

History 365 The Second World War 

History 366 The People’s Republic of China 

History 372 Modern Latin America 

History 373 History of the Mexican American (Enroll in AMST 373).

History 374 History of Mexico 

History 376 U.S.-Japan Encounters: War, Trade, and Culture (Enroll in IR 376)

History 378m Introduction to Asian American History (Enroll in AMST 378m)

History 379 Arabs in America (Enroll in AMST 379)

History 380 American Popular Culture 

History 381 Cinema and History 

History 384 Popular Culture in the Middle East 

History 386 American Legal History 

History 413 The Age of Revolution

History 414 Contemporary Europe 

History 417 History of Soviet Russia: 1917-1991

History 420 European Intellectual and Cultural History: The 19th Century, 1790-1870

History 421 European Intellectual and Cultural History: The Turn of the Century 1880-1920

History 422 European Intellectual and Cultural History: The 20th Century, 1920 to the Present 

History 425 The Era of the First World War 

History 427 The German Question: Nation and Identity in Modern Central Europe 

History 428 Life and Death in Nazi Germany 

History 429 Street Life: Urban Culture in Modern Europe 

History 441 Modern World History 

History 445 Comparative History and Theory of Fascism and Nazism 

History 451 The Mexican Revolution 

History 452 Beauty and the Body in Historical Perspective 

History 455 Advanced Topics in African-American History 

History 458 History of California 

History 461 19th Century American Thought 

History 462 20th Century American Thought 

History 464 Culture, Money, and Power: Japanese-American Relations since 1853

History 465 America in the Cold War World, 1945-1991 

History 478 The United States, 1789-1850 

History 481 Producing Film Histories 

History 484 The United States, 1919-1939 

History 487 The United States since 1939 

History 495 American Lives: Biography and Autobiography in the United States Past 


Courses Spanning Eras

The following courses may fulfill a temporal-distribution requirement depending on the syllabus and/or the research topic (please consult your faculty adviser):

History 330 Drugs, Disease, and Medicine in History 

History 388 Women and Gender in North American History through 1920 

History 390 Special Problems (1-4)

History 404 Seminar in Korean History 

History 424 Family, Work, and Leisure in Russian History 

History 426 Gender, Family, and Society in Europe and the United States, 1500-Present

History 437 Seminar in Modern Chinese History (max 8)

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