Recent Publications by History Faculty




 Woodie Guthrie (2015) Darryl Holter and William Deverell 


The Persecution of the Jews of Berlin 1933-1945: A Chronology of Measures by the Authorities in the German Capital (2015) Wolf Gruner
 Industrial Eden: A Chinese Capitalist Vision (2015) Brett Sheehan
 Citizan Sailors: Becoming American in the Age of Revolution (2015) Nathan Perl-Rosenthal

 The Consuming Temple: Jews, Department Stores, and the Consumer Revolution in Germany, 1880-1940 (2015) Paul Lerner

Parias de la Patria (2015) Wolf Gruner
The Greater German Reish and the Jews: Nazi Persecution Policies in the Annexed Territories (2015) ed. Wolf Gruner and Jorg Osterloh
Movies and American Society, 2nd Edition (2013) ed. Steven J. Ross

The Book of Life: Part Three of the All Souls Trilogy (2014) Deborah Harkness

 Visualizing Modern China (2014) ed. James A. Cook, Joshua Goldstein, Matthew D. Johnson & Sigrid Schmalzer
 The Opened Letter (2014) Lindsay O'Neill
 Race and Blood in the Iberian World (2012)  ed. Max S. Hering Torres,  Maria Elena Martinez & David Nirenberg
 Memorial. Rosenstrasse 2-4. Internment and Protest in the Nazi State (2013) Wolf Gruner
 The Enduring Vision: A History of the American People (2013) ed. Boyer, Clark, Karen Halttunen, Kett, Salisbury, Sitkoff and Woloch
 Shadow of Night: Part Two of the All Souls Trilogy (2013) Deborah Harkness
 Stranger Intimacy: Contesting Race, Sexuality, and Law in the North American West (2011) Nyan Shah
 The Information Master: Jean-Baptiste Colbert's Secret State Intelligence System (2011)  Jacob Soll


Visible Empire: Botanical Expeditions and Visual Culture in the Hispanic Enlightenment (2012)  Daniela Bleichmar


  Jewish Masculinities: German Jews, Gender and History (2012) ed. Benjamin Maria Baader, Sharon Gillerman & Paul Lerner
 Hot Stuff: Disco and the Remaking of American Culture, 2nd ed. (2011) Alice Echols
 The Middle Ages in Texts and Texture: Reflections on Medieval Sources (2011)  Jason Glenn
Beyond Alliances: The Jewish Role in Reshaping the Racial Landscape of Southern California (The Jewish Role in American Life) (2011) George Sanchez
Modern France: A Very Short Introduction (2011) Vanessa Schwartz
Collecting Across Cultures: Material Exchanges in the Early Modern Atlantic World (2011) 
ed. Daniela Bleichmar and Peter Mancall
Harkness Discovery Witches
A Discovery of Witches (2011) 
Deborah Harkness
Ross Hollywood 11
Hollywood Left and Right (2011) 
Steven J. Ross
Banner Monroe
MM-Personal: From the Private Archive of Marilyn Monroe (2011) 
Lois Banner
Becker Piano Glass 10
Piano Glass/Glass Piano (2010) 
Marjorie Becker
Gruner Grossdeutsche
Das Grossdeutsche Reich und die Juden (2010)
Wolf Gruner
Medieval Europe: A Short History (2010) 
Judith Bennett
A Companion to Los Angeles (2010) 
ed. William Deverell & Greg Hise
A History of Korea: An Episodic Narrative (2010) Kyung Moon Hwang
Confronting Modernity in Fin-de-Siecle France (2010)
ed. Elinor Accampo
Fatal Journey: The Final Expedition of Henry Hudson (2009)
Peter C. Mancall
Between Arab and White: Race and Ethnicity in the Early Syrian American Diaspora (2009) 
Sarah M. A. Gualtieri
Landscape with Two Saints: How Genovefa of Paris and Brigit of Kildare Built Christianity in Barbarian Europe (2009) 
Lisa M. Bitel
Civic Engagement in the Wake of Katrina (2009) 
ed. Amy Koritz & George Sanchez
Science in the Spanish and Portuguese Empires, 1500-1800 (2008) 
ed. Daniela Bleichmar, Paula DeVos, Kristin Huffine & Kevin Sheehan
Genealogical Fictions: Limpieza de Sangre, Religion, and Gender in Colonial Mexico (2008)
Maria Elena Martinez
Blackwell Companion to California History (2008) Deverell, W. F. & Igler, D.B
The Jewel House: Elizabethan London and the Scientific Revolution (2008)
Deborah E. Harkness
Hakluyt's Promise: An Elizabethan Obsession for an English America (2007) 
Peter C. Mancall

The Atlantic World and Virginia, 1550-1624 (2007) ed. Peter C. Mancall

 It's So French!: Hollywood, Paris, and the Making of Cosmopolitan Film Culture (2007)
Vanessa R. Schwartz

Western Civilization: Beyond Boundaries (2007) 
ed. Elinor Accampo

Gender & Christianity in Medieval Europe: New Perspectives (2007) 
ed. Lisa Bitel & Felice Lifshitz
Bringing the World to Early Modern Europe (2007) 
ed. Peter C. Mancall
Blessed Motherhood, Bitter Fruit: Nelly Roussel and the Politics of Female Pain in Third Republic France (2006)
Elinor Accampo
 History Matters: Patriarchy and the Challenge of Feminism (2006) 
Judith Bennett
John Dee's Conversations with Angels: Cabala, Alchemy and the End of Nature (2006) Deborah E. Harkness
Jewish Forced Labor Under the Nazis: Economic Needs and Racial Aims, 1938-1944
Wolf Gruner
Travel Narratives from the Age of Discovery: An Anthology (2006)
Peter C. Mancall
Coast of Dreams: California on the Edge 1990-2003 (2006)
Kevin Starr
The Segregated Scholars: Black Social Scientists and the Creation of Black Labor Studies, 1890-1950 (2006) Francille Wilson
Land of Sunshine: An Environmental History of Metropolitan Los Angeles (2005) 
ed. William Deverell & Greg Hise
 The Creation of the British Atlantic World (2005) ed. Carole Shammas
Becker Body Bach
Body Bach (2005)
Marjorie Becker 
Jesus In America: Personal Saviour, Cultural Hero, National Obsession (2005)
Richard Wrightman Fox
Los Angeles and the Future of Urban Cultures (2005) 
ed. R. Villa & G. Sanchez
 The Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture Reader (2005) ed. Vanessa Schwartz & Jeannene Przyblyski
California: A History (2005) Kevin Starr
Whitewashed Adobe: The Rise of Los Angeles & the Remaking of Its Mexican Past (2004) William Deverell
A Companion to the American West (2004) 
ed. William Deverell
Politics and History in the Tenth Century: The Work and World of Richer of Reims (2004) 
Jason Glenn
Hwang Beyond Birth
Beyond Birth: Social Status in the Emergence of Modern Korea (2004) 
Kyung Moon Hwang
 Hysterical Men: WWII, Psychiatry and the Politics of Trauma in Germany, 1890-1930 (2003) 
Paul Lerner
Contentious Kwangju: The May 18th Uprising in Korea's Past and Present (2003)
ed. Gi-Wook Shin & Kyung Moon Hwang
At the Edge of Empire: The Backcountry In British North America (2003) 
ed. Eric Hinderaker & Peter C. Mancall
Three Worlds Meet: Beginnings to 1607 (2003) ed. Peter C. Mancall
 Women in Early Medieval Europe: 400-1100 (2002) Lisa M. Bitel
Trust in Troubled Times: Money, Banks and State-Society Relations in Republican Tianjin (2003) Brett Sheehan
 Women in Early Medieval Europe: 400-1100 (2002) Lisa M. Bitel
 Japanese American Celebration and Conflict (2002) Lon Kurashige
 Major Problems in Asian American History (2002) ed. Lon Kurashige & Murray Yang
 Movies and American Society (2002) ed. Steven J. Ross
 A History of Household Government in America (2002) Carole Shammas
 Embattled Dreams: California in War and Peace, 1940-1950 (2002) Kevin Starr
Metropolis in the Making: Los Angeles in the 1920s (2001) ed. William Deverell & T. Sitton
  The Public City: The Poltical Construction of Urban Life in San Francisco, 1850-1900 (2001) Philip J. Ethington
 Traumatic Pasts: History, Psychiatry and Trauma in the Modern Age, 1870-1930 (2001) ed. Mark Micale & Paul Lerner
 American Nations: Encounters in Indian Country, 1850 to the Present (2001) ed. Peter Mancall, F. Hoxie & J. H. Merrell

 Eden By Design:The 1930 Olmsted-Bartholomew Plan for Los Angeles (2000) ed. Greg Hise & William Deverell

 The West: In the History of the Nation (2000) ed. William Deverell & Anne Hyde
 American Encounters: Natives and Newcomers from European Contact through Removal, 1500-1850 (2000) ed. Peter C. Mancall & J. H. Merrell
 Singlewomen in the European Past, 1250-1800 (1999) ed. Judith Bennett & Amy Froide
 Trials of Intimacy: Love & Loss in the Beecher-Tildon Scandal (1999) Richard Fox
 A House in Gross Disorder: Sex, Law and the Trial of the 2nd Earl of Castlehaven (1999) Cynthia B. Herrup
 American Eras: Westward Expansion, 1800-1860 (1999) Peter C. Mancall
 A Medieval Life: Cecilia Penifader of Brigstock. c. 1297-1334 (1998) Judith Bennett
Working-Class Hollywood: Silent Film and the Shaping of Class in Hollywood (1998) Steven J. Ross
 Spectacular Realities: Early Mass Culture in Fin-de-Siecle Paris (1998) Vanessa R. Schwartz
 In the Face of Facts: Moral Inquiry in American Scholarship (1997) ed. Richard W. Fox & Robert B. Westbrook
 The Emergence of Japanese Kingship (1997) Joan Piggott
 The Dream Endures: California Enters the 1940s (1997) Kevin Starr
 Ale, Beer, and Brewsters in England (1996) Judith Bennett
  Land of Women: Tales of Sex and Gender from Early Ireland (1996) Lisa M. Bitel
 Land of Rivers: America in Word and Image (1996) ed. Peter Mancall & E. Hoagland
 Endangered Dreams: The Great Depression in California (1996) Kevin Starr
Gender and the Politics of Social Reform in France, 1870-1914 (1995) ed. Elinor Accampo, Rachel Fuchs & mary Lynn Stewart
Setting the Virgin on Fire: Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan Peasants and the Redemption of the Mexican Revolution (1995) Marjorie Becker
  A Companion to American Thought (1995) ed. Richard W. Fox & James Klopenberg
 Deadly Mecidine: Indians and Alcohol in Early America (1995) Peter C. Mancall
 Envisioning America: English Plans for the Colonization of North America, 1580-1640 (1995) Peter C. Mancall
Cinema and the Invention of Modern Life (1995) ed. Leo Cherney & Vanessa R. Schwartz
 Railroad Crossing: Californians and the Railroad, 1850-1910 (1994) William Deverell
California Progressivism Revisited (1994) ed. William Deverell & Tom Sitton
The Power of Culture: Critical Essays in American History (1993) ed. Richard W. Fox & T. J. Jackson Lears
 Becoming Mexican American: Ethnicity, Culture and Identity in Chicano Los Angeles, 1900-1945 (1993) George Sanchez
 Valley of Opportunity: Economic Culture along the Upper Susquehanna, 1700-1800 (1991) Peter C. Mancall
 Isle of the Saints: Monastic Settlement and Christian Community in Early Ireland (1990) Lisa M. Bitel
 The Pre-Industrial Consumer in England and America (1990) Carole Shammas
 Material Dreams: Southern California Through the 1920s (1990) Kevin Starr
 Industrialization, Family Life, and Class Relations, Saint Chamond, 1815-1914 (1989) Elinor Accampo
 Sisters and Workers in the Middle Ages (1989) ed. Judith Bennett & Elizabeth Clark
 Women in the Medieval English Countryside (1987) Judith Bennett
 The Common Peace: Participation and the Criminal Law in Seventeenth-Century England (1987) Cynthia B. Herrup
 Inheritance in America: From Colonia Times to the Present (1987) ed. Carole Shammas, M. Salmon & M. Dahlin
Reinhold Niebuhr: A Biography (1985) Richard W. Fox
 American Beauty: A Social History through Two Centuries of American Idea, Ideal and Image of the Beautiful Woman (1984) Lois Banner
 The Culture of Consumption: Critical Essays in American History, 1880-1980 (1983) Richard W. Fox
 Americans and the California Dream, 1850-1915 (1973) Kevin Starr




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