History Courses by Region

     Below are lower-division courses approved for fulfilling the geographic-breadth requirement. History majors may fulfill a geographical area of concentration by taking additional upper division courses in any one of these geographical areas.


Asia and Eurasia

HIST 105g The Korean Past (4)

HIST 106g Chinese Lives: An Introduction to Chinese History (4)

HIST 107g Japanese History (4)

HIST 180 The Middle East (4)

HIST 266g Business and East Asian Culture, 1800-Present (4)

HIST 275g The Worlds of the Silk Road (4)




HIST 101g The Ancient World (4)

HIST 102gm Medieval People: Early Europe and Its Neighbors, 400-1500 (4)

HIST 103g The Emergence of Modern Europe (4)

HIST 104g Europe and Its Influence since 1750: From the Rise of Democracy to the Age of Extremes (4)

HIST 255g The Evolution Debates (4)

HIST 270 Queens, Witches, Courtesans: Women & Power in Renaissance Europe (4)

HIST 275g The Worlds of the Silk Road (4)

*NOTE: HIST 275 can satisfy either ASIA AND EURASIA or EUROPE.


The Americas

HIST 100gm The American Experience (4)

HIST 215g Business and Labor in America (4)

HIST 220 Murder on Trial in America (4)

HIST 225g Film, Power, and American History (4)

HIST 235g War and the American Experience (4)

HIST 240g The History of California (4)

HIST 245gm Gender and Sexualities in American History (4)

HIST 265g Understanding Race and Sex Historically (4)

HIST 271g Early Native American Stories (4)

HIST 273g Colonial Latin America (4)




The geographic-distribution requirement fulfilled by HIST 195 Selected Themes and Topics in History (4) will vary by instructor and syllabus.

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