Equipment & Services

The History Lab is equipped with four Windows 7 Enterprise and four Mac OS X workstations for use by History Department faculty, staff, graduate students, or affiliated projects.

Common Equipment Uses

Lab equipment can be used to scan pictures or texts; prepare video clips; PowerPoint presentations; online research, etc.

Borrowing Equipment

To reserve Lab equipment for classroom use, please email ( at least one weekday (M-F) in advance. The staff will confirm by e-mail whether the requested equipment is available. 

If you are in a multimedia classroom serviced by ITS, you can order a cart through them. More information can be found at

Returning Equipment

If the lab is not staffed when returning Lab equipment, you may return it to the Main Office (if open) or lock it in a faculty office. Under no circumstances may equipment leave campus without prior approval. Please send an email to notify the Lab of the location of the equipment.

Services Provided by Lab Staff

For large scanning jobs, you may request assistance from the Lab staff. Please give Lab staff as much lead time as possible when requesting work to be done. If you need a week's worth of material prepared, you must give the staff a minimum of a week in which to prepare that material except in extreme emergencies. Do not expect the staff to be able to do on-the-spot work of this kind. Please fill out a scan request form if you are requesting slides.

Video Clips
The staff can make video clips for you, but please note that burning an entire film violates copyright law. We will refuse requests that, in our judgment, violate copyright law.

Lab staff is available to help you with Lab equipment. Just ask!

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