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Majors + South and East Asia

Anthropology + In ANTH 250g Race and Sexual Politics in Southeast Asia, ANTH 323 Regional Ethnology: Southeast Asia, and ANTH 435x Ethnic Diversity in China/Inner Asia, students are able to focus on the cultures of the region.

Archaeology + With courses like ANTH 311 Old World Archaeology and HIST 101g The Ancient World the major in archaeology looks in-depth into the historical past of South and East Asia.

Art History + Courses such as AHIS 125g Arts of Asia: Antiquity to 1300, AHIS 282 Korean Art, AHIS 284g Art in Context: Introduction to the Chinese Visual World, and AHIS 481 Studies in Japanese Art provide opportunities to study culture and society in South and East Asia.

Comparative Literature + Providing an unique insight into the culture and history of the region, the major in comparative literature offers such courses as COLT 264g Asian Aesthetic and Literary Traditions, COLT 379 Nationalism and Postcolonialism in Southeast Asian Cinema, and COLT 382g Zen and Taoism in Asian Literature.

East Asian Area Studies + Designed to focus acutely on East Asia with courses like EASC 150g East Asian Societies, EASC 160gm China and the World, and EASC 360 Global East Asia, the major in East Asian Area Studies provides a strong foundation on society and culture.

East Asian Languages and Cultures + The major in East Asian languages and cultures looks closely at the effects of language on the development of culture with courses like EALC 125g Introduction to Contemporary East Asian Film and Culture, EALC 130g East Asian Ethical Thought, and EALC 428 Nature and the Environment in Japanese Literature and Culture.

Economics + Courses like ECON 343 Economic Development of East Asia and ECON 346 Economics of Transition and Development: China, allow the major in economics to intertwine the complex economic theories of the region with practical models of focus.

History + With the major in history courses like HIST 105g The Korean Past, HIST 334 History of the Samurai, HIST 344 The Vietnam War, 1945-1975, and HIST 366 The People's Republic of China, explore the region and expose students to the roots, cultural identity, and politics of South and East Asia.

International Relations + Using courses like IR 333 China in International Affairs, IR 361 South and Southeast Asia in International Affairs, and IR 384 Introduction to Asian Security, international relations better understands the global developments in a rapidly changing world.

Political Science + Focusing on the politics and political structures of the region, the major in political science uses such courses as POSC 352 Politics of Southeast Asia, POSC 355 Politics of East Asia, POSC 377 Asian Political Thought, and POSC 453 Political Change in Asia.

Religion + Through the major in religion, the School of Religion explores social and ethical contributions and implications of South and East Asian religious heritages with course like REL 131g Religions of Asia, REL 329 Themes in the Religions of China, and REL 417 Seminar in South Asian Religions.

Problems Without Passports

Most, if not all, of the societal problems or challenges we face are transnational or global in nature. These problems like global climate change, pandemics or the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction are global challenges that do not belong to a single country. These are "problems without passports."


Study Abroad

USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences offers exciting and diverse opportunities to study abroad in 51 unique programs in 29 countries. Students are encouraged to integrate study abroad into their overall USC experience. Studying abroad offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth while gaining insight into other cultures, developing leadership skills, and networking for the future.