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Majors + North America

African American Studies + This multidisciplinary program which provides a critical understanding of the historical, cultural, social, and political experience of African Americans through such courses as AHIS 475 "Blackness in American Visual Culture" and HIST 355 "The African-American Experience".

American Studies and Ethnicity + Focusing on the diverse culture and experiences of American society, ASE offers courses such as AMST 101gm “Race and Class in Los Angeles” and AMST 301g “America, the Frontier, and the New West”.

Anthropology + The Department of Anthropology encourages students to become involved in ethnographic research and fieldwork while gaining a firm theoretical foundation in anthropology through courses such as ANTH 140g "Native Peoples of Mexico and Central America", ANTH 240gm "Collective Identity and Political Violence: Representing 9/11", and  ANTH 317 "Imaging Indians: From Warriors to Windtalkers".

Archaeology + This interdisciplinary major is sponsored jointly by the Departments of Anthropology, Art History, Classics, and Religion offering such courses as ANTH 310 "Archaeology of the Americas".

Art History + Combining the study of art with a the study of culture, Art History offers courses focusing on North America like AHIS 255g "Culture Wars: Art and Social Conflict in the USA, 1900-Present", AHIS 363m "Race, Gender, and Sexuality in Contemporary Art", and AHIS 411 "Studies in Arts of the Ancient Americas".

Asian American Studies + From the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity, this major emphasis focuses on the historical, cultural, social, and political experiences of Asian Americans with courses such as AMST 220 "The Making of Asian America", POSC 328 "Asian American Politics", and AMST 320 "Social Construction of Race and Citizenship".

Chicano/Latino Studies + Also from the Department of American Studies and Ethnicity, this emphasis takes an in-depth look into the Chicano/Latino experience of American society focusing on communities and global issues in courses like GEOG 340 "Latino L.A.", SOCI 366 "Chicana and Latina Experiences", and AMST 373 "History of the Mexican American".

Classics + With courses like CLAS 470 "Democracies Ancient and Modern", CLAS 375 "Alexander the Great: Leadership, Personality and World Conquest",  and CLAS 320gm "Diversity and the Classical Western Tradition", a major in Classics explores the foundations of Western civilization's political and cultural origins.

Economics + The Department of Economics offers courses like ECON 238xg "Political Economy and Social Issues" and ECON 332 "Contracts, Organizations and Institution" which demonstrate the intimate relationship between civic institutions and economic principles in North Amerca.

English + The Department of English offers courses, such as ENGL 263 "American Literature" and ENGL 350 "Literature of California", which focus on American and Anglophone literatures.

Geography + Geography offers courses, such as GEOG 255 “American Environmentalism” and GEOG 431 “California's Changing Landscapes”, concerned with humans as inhabitants, observers and transformers of North America.

Geological Sciences + The physical world is the topic of exploration in Earth Sciences as courses like GEOL 240Lxg “Earthquakes” and GEOL 427 “The Global Environment” look at human and policy effects impact the environment in North America and around the world.

History + The Department of History offers courses, such as HIST 200gm “The American Experience”, HIST 318 “Early American Indian History”, and HIST 341 “American Social History”, with special emphases in gender, race and ethnicity, popular culture, medicine and urban history.

International Relations + With courses like IR 483 “War and Diplomacy: The U.S. in World Affairs”, IR 445 “U.S. Defense and Foreign Policy: Nonproliferation and Weapons of Mass Destruction”, and IR 360 “International Relations of the Pacific Rim”, the School of International Relations takes a global approach to North American politics and policy.  

Philosophy + Dipping into the philosophical formations of Americans with courses like PHIL 425 “American Philosophy”, PHIL 225g “Love and its Representations in Western Literature, Philosophy, and Film”, and PHIL 335 “Theoretical Models of Leadership”, a major in Philosophy offers a unique perspective.

Political Science + Adding context to present-day politics, the major in Political Science uses courses like POSC 374 “The American Founders: Visions, Values and Legacy”, POSC 220g “Critical Issues in American Politics”, POSC 335 “Political Parties, Campaigns, and Elections”, and POSC 300 “Principles, Institutions, and Great Issues of American Democracy” to explore the American political system.

Religion + Exploring contemporary North American religions, including the histories of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, the School of Religion offers courses such as REL 132g “Religions of the West”, REL 366 “Religion and Social Change”, and REL 426 “Religion, Media and Hollywood: Faith in TV”.

Sociology + With the greater Los Angeles area as a natural laboratory for studying sociological themes like race relations, population trends, and crime, the major in Sociology offers courses such as SOCI 355m “Immigrants in the United States”, SOCI 360m “Social Inequality: Class, Status, and Power”, and SOCI 353 “Sociology of Crime and of the Criminal Justice System”.


Problems Without Passports

Most, if not all, of the societal problems or challenges we face are transnational or global in nature. These problems like global climate change, pandemics or the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction are global challenges that do not belong to a single country. These are "problems without passports."


Study Abroad

USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences offers exciting and diverse opportunities to study abroad in 51 unique programs in 29 countries. Students are encouraged to integrate study abroad into their overall USC experience. Studying abroad offers an unparalleled opportunity for personal growth while gaining insight into other cultures, developing leadership skills, and networking for the future.