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Dresden, Germany

*USC offers the Hovel Scholarship which awards up to $10,000 for German Studies minors studying abroad in Germany. See Study Abroad Scholarships for more information.

Program Site: Technische Universität Dresden in conjunction with Boston University's Dresden German Studies Program. 

Eligibility: Minimum of 3.0 cumulative USC GPA and at least two semesters of German or the equivalent.

Description: Long known as the "Florence of the North," the baroque city of Dresden is dotted with fully restored iconic monuments and edifices, an evolving arts scene, and hidden town squares buzzing with restaurants and nightlife.

As Dresden emerges as a premiere tourist destination, its past is not forgotten; almost 75% of Dresden was reduced to rubble by Allied bombing in 1945. Five years later, Dresden was placed under communist control in East Germany and then finally reintegrated with West Germany in 1990.

With Russian rather than English having been taught in schools under communism, many say one can still experience the "Ostegefühl," or the feeling of being in the "East."  As a result, Dresden is one of the most immersive study abroad destinations in Germany.

The program is designed to help students improve their language skills quickly and become residents fully integrated into the university and the city.

Academics: Technische Universität Dresden is one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in Germany. TUD has a student population of 36,000 and maintains a sprawling residential campus only a tram ride away from Old Town (Aldstadt) Dresden.

Students with two to three semesters of German enroll in Level I where they are required to take Intensive German Language and Culture, Advanced German for Foreign Students, and two electives within the German as a Foreign Language faculty.

Students with at least four semesters of German enroll in Level II where they take Intensive German Language and Culture and three elective courses in any faculty at TUD.

This program is suitable for students with a German studies minor as well as those interested in experiencing a city at the crossroads of Eastern and Western Europe.

Level I sample courses:

  • Intensive German Language and Culture (required)
  • Advanced German for Foreign Students in the Humanities and Social Sciences/Technical and Natural Sciences (required)
  • Enhancing your German, Levels 1-9
  • German for Business Communication
  • Speaking Practice

Highly motivated Level I students may enroll in one course outside of the German as a Foreign Language faculty.

Level II sample courses (taught in German):

  • Intensive German Language and Culture (required)
  • The United Nations as an International System
  • The 'German Question' in International Relations
  • Novels of the Goethe Era
  • Women's Lives in the Nazi Era
  • The Third Reich in Film
  • Economy and Society of the GDR of the '40s and '50s

Other disciplines available at TUD include art history, biochemistry, biology, chemistry, communications, computer science, engineering, law, mathematics, medicine, philosophy, physics, psychology, sociology, Romance and Slavic languages, and theology.

Course Load and Credit: Students must take four courses each semester: Intensive German Language and Culture taught by Boston University faculty and three courses at Technische Universität Dresden for a total of 16 units.

Activities and Other Program Features: In addition to weekly excursions as part of the Intensive German Language and Culture course, various trips and outings are scheduled by BU resident staff throughout the semester. Itineraries include regular walking tours of Dresden, a visit to the Radeberg Brewery, hiking to the Fortress of Königstein, and weekend trips to Prague and Berlin.

Accommodations: Students live in furnished single rooms with shared kitchen and bathroom facilities in a TUD dormitory. Students regularly receive meal stipends which may be used to buy food at student cafeterias or area markets.

Dates: Spring or academic year only. Spring semester runs from early February to mid-July and the academic year lasts from mid-August to mid-July.

Additional Expenses...........$12,580

Cost updated: 1/7/15
Text Updated: 8/7/15

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