Minor in LGBTQ Studies

The LGBTQ Studies minor focuses on how sexuality and sexual orientation shape gender identities, roles and status in societies past and present. Twenty units of coursework are required for completion of the LGBTQ Studies minor: SWMS 210gmw, SWMS 212gp, SWMS 215gw or SWMS 221g; SWMS 306; and 12 units of upper-division electives.



A total of 20 units are required to complete the minor in LGBTQ Studies (usually a total of 5 20-unit courses).


Lower Division: One Course

Choose one of the following four courses to fill the lower-division requirement.

  • SWMS 210gmw: Social Analysis of Gender (also fills GE-C and GE-G), OR
  • SWMS 212gp: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality: American Perspectives (also fills GE-B and GE-H), OR
  • SWMS 215gw: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality: International Perspectives (also fills GE-B and GE-H), OR
  • SWMS 221g: Introduction to Queer Theory (also fills GE-B)


Upper Division: One Required Course
  • SWMS 306: Contemporary Issues in LGBTQ Studies 


Upper-Division Electives: Three Courses, Cross-Listed and SWMS

Choose three of the following eight courses to fill the elective requirement.

  • ENGL 344m: Sexual/Textual Diversity
  • SWMS 308: Advanced Gender Theory
  • SWMS 310: Gender and Social Justice
  • SWMS 311: Gender and Sexuality Studies: Internship 
  • SWMS 355: Transgender Studies 
  • SWMS 358: U.S. Gay and Lesbian History 
  • SWMS 385m: Men and Masculinity 
  • SWMS 425: Queer Los Angeles 


Prerequisite waiver form: Prerequisite_Waiver_Form_GSS.pdf

  • Gender & Sexuality Studies
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  • 3501 Trousdale Parkway
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