Minor in Gender and Social Justice


In 2015, our Provost committed the university to tackle society's most enduring and seemingly intractable problems--its "wicked problems." Students in this minor do just that in classes focused upon gender and violence, human trafficking and migration, development strategies, religious extremism, human rights in relation to sexual orientation and gender identity, the carceral state, and the feminization of poverty.  Classes grapple with big questions, such as the difficulty of translating movement agendas into social policy, whether gender justice is best achieved through approaches that favor equality or difference, and how globalization and neoliberalism are remaking our world. This minor is designed to prepare students for jobs in nonprofits, politics, government agencies, cultural reporting, and socially conscious niches within the entertainment industry.



A total of 20 units are required to complete the minor in Gender and Social Justice (usually 5 4-unit courses).


Lower Division: One Course

Choose one of the following five courses to fill the lower-division requirement.

  • SWMS 210gmw: Social Analysis of Gender (also fills GE-C and GE-G), OR
  • SWMS 212gp: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality: American Perspectives (also fills GE-B and GE-H), OR
  • SWMS 215gw: Introduction to Gender and Sexuality: International Perspectives (also fills GE-B and GE-H), OR
  • SWMS 219gp: Introduction to Feminist Theory (also fills GE-B and GE-H), OR
  • SWMS 221g: Introduction to Queer Theory (also fills GE-B)


Upper Division: One Required Course
  • SWMS 310: Gender and Social Justice


Upper-Division Electives: Three Courses, Cross-Listed and SWMS

Choose three of the following eight courses to fill the elective requirement.

  • IR 316: Gender and Global Issues 
  • POSC 381: Sex, Power, and Politics 
  • SOCI 402: Human Trafficking 
  • SWMS 308: Advanced Gender Theory 
  • SWMS 311: Gender and Sexuality Studies: Internship 
  • SWMS 336: Health, Gender, and Ethnicity 
  • SWMS 349: Women and the Law 
  • SWMS 385m: Men and Masculinity


 Prerequisite waiver form: Prerequisite_Waiver_Form_GSS.pdf

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