Graduate Courses Descriptions


SWMS 554: Women in Global Perspective (4)

Women and immigration, employment, and household and family relations in the context of the global economy; women's social and political movements in diverse cultural contexts.

SWMS 560: Feminist Theory (4)

History of feminist theory and major perspectives of current feminist theory: liberal feminism, socialist/Marxist feminism, radical feminism, psychological feminism, spiritual feminism, and ecological feminism.

SWMS 588: Seminar in Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Studies (4)

Interdisciplinary cross-cultural, historical, psychological, sociological, and contemporary political perspectives on female and male homosexual eroticism, and the emergence of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender identities.

SWMS 590: Directed Research (1-12)

Research leading to the master's degree in cognate fields. Maximum units which may be applied to the degree to be determined by the department. Graded CR/NC.

SWMS 593 Practicum in Teaching Gender Studies (2) 

Basic principles of gender studies pedagogy, emphasizing practical applications and the importance of career-long skill development. Required for first-semester teaching assistants in gender studies. Open only to doctoral students. Graded CR/NC.

SWMS 599: Special Topics (2-4, max 8)

Seminar in selected topics relating to gender and feminism.

SWMS 610 Research and Proposal Writing in Gender and Sexuality Studies

Foundations of designing a dissertation research project in gender and sexuality studies; guidance with preparation of dissertation research proposal.

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