This page offers resources for teachers who want to include films in their teaching. The suggested websites can help you find films to show in your classroom, as well as information and pedagogic material to work with your students.

Teaching with films

Films are authentic materials that expose students to the real language used by native speakers in daily life. When they are carefully selected, films are also a great source of social, cultural and civilizational information.

Some theoretical references...

Here is a selection of websites that will help you use film as an educational material in your French class.

  • The réseau Canopé offers transmedia - printed, digital, AV - pedagogic ressources for the educational community.
  • Zéro de Conduite is a wonderful website created by teachers to promote educational activities through cinema. Each month, the focus is put on a new French or Francophone film.
  • The Formacom website offers some activities suggestions to work with recently released films in the classroom.
  • The CAVILAM's website for teachers also offers plenty of pedagogic material to work with short films in the classroom.

Stay connected with the cinema world

To get extracts of films, short films, films previews, news from the cinema world and film critiques :

Get films and videos

To find films and videos that you can show in the classroom, you may use these platforms:

IF Cinéma holds a collection of approximately 500 fiction films (old&new, features&shorts) and documentaries (exploring a variety of topics, from politics to contemporary dance) that are available free of charge to universities and cultural centers.

My French Film Festival is a yearly event that lets you discover a French movie with your students!

TV5Monde is also a great way of working with short films or TV programs in French - their website offers a list of ressources with activities suggestions for the classroom, classified by proficiency level. Their series of documentaries "Parlons français, c'est facile !" is a good way to start. Learners will find resources for autonomous learning in the "apprendre" section.

The FranceTV network also has a section dedicaced to education which offers videos and other resources on various topics, that can be used with learners of French language.

Canal Académie offers videos on topics such as history, literature, art, economy, science...

Try authentic French media

This is a list of the most famous TV channels. Their websites offer live broadcasting and podcasting options.

  • FRC
  • USC Dana and David Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences
  • THH 176
  • 3501 Trousdale Parkway
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089- 0359