The USC Research and Resource Center offers a selection of websites for teachers of French. From grammar exercizes to learning games, this page is a directory of resources to teach French language, bring an input on francophone cultures, design tools and digital didactic sequences...

Resources Directory

Promote French

This list of websites will help you promote French to your students, their parents and administrators.

Web portals for french as a foreign language teaching

This page is a selection of relevant websites for French instructors that are worth watching - they will help you find resources, didactic material and ideas for your classroom.

French language resources

Our selection of resources to teach grammar, conjugation, spelling and vocabulary - from conjugations tables to grammar rules and online exercizes, this page lists resources you need to teach French language.

Teaching with films

Integrating films in your teaching opens a window onto French and francophone culture(s). AV resources are also an excellent way to develop your learners' listening skills and to train them to hearing different accents from around the world.

Teaching with songs

Studying songs make learning fun, and provides sutdents with an input from francophone cultures. This page lists websites where you can find songs as well as resources and activities to do in the classroom.

Teaching with games

Research suggests that games make learning more efficient - our selection of resources will help you integrate games in your didactic sequences.

Tools for teachers

Build online quizzes, mindmaps, interactive exercizes... this page is a selection of tools that can be used by teachers to bring their didactic sequences to a digital form.

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