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Financial Aid

The University of Southern California administers one of the largest financial aid programs in the United States. We have made a long-standing commitment to meeting 100% of the USC-determined financial need for undergraduates who satisfy all eligibility requirements and meet all deadlines. Thus, it is extremely important for you to submit all necessary paperwork by the stated deadlines. For more detailed information on applying for financial aid, please click here.

Financial aid consists of loans, Federal Work-Study, and grants and scholarships.

Loans are funds which are borrowed and must be repaid with interest, along with any associated fees.

If Federal Work-Study eligibility is listed on your financial aid award, you can apply for an approved Federal Work-Study job, most of which are on campus. Students are paid every two weeks for the hours they worked and can earn from $800 to $3,500 per year.

Grants and scholarships are types of financial aid that do not have to repaid. Sources include federal and state governments, the university, your specific academic department, community and civic groups, and private industry. Grants are need-based, while scholarships are merit-based.

For information on applying for merit-based scholarships offered by USC Dornsife, please click here.

For information on applying for other USC scholarships, please click here.