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FACULTY Juliana Wang

Faculty Name: Juliana Wang

Project Title: Economics of Urban Development and the Environment (China)

Position Description: More than half of the Chinese population, or 691 million people, are living in cities now. The rapid urbanization in the world’s fastest growing economy poses significant challenges for scholars and policy makers both in China and around the globe. How does China balance the need for urban economic growth and the need for environmental sustainability? What are the market forces at work and how do they co-exist with the socialist planning traditions? What are the institutional changes throughout the reform and what are the roles of the State-owned Enterprises (SOEs)? In this course, students will have opportunities to conduct research to examine these questions in the context of urban development and related environmental challenges. We specifically focus on the Pearl River Delta region where the “Reform and Open-up Policy” was first implemented more than 30 years ago. Important concepts, such as property rights, externalities, decentralization, and private sector participation, will be illustrated through case studies.

The course (4 credit) is scheduled to be offered in May 2014 as a Problems without Passport course and is open to all students. The second part of the course (about two weeks) will be held in China. Applications are being accepted now. Please email  Professor Wang your CV to obtain an application form.

This is a perfect opportunity for students interested in natural resource economics, public policy, and the Chinese economy.

Required Skills:  Knowledge of China and the Chinese language is not required, but would be a plus. 

Preferred Major: All majors are welcome. 

If you are interested in doing research with Prof. Wang, contact her at