ExL Innovation and Implementation Manager

Amber Harris has been part of the USC community for 20 years. As the Innovation and Implementation Manager for the Office of Experiential and Applied Learning, she is charged with facilitating programming centered in active learning for students and is responsible for the development of new experiential learning opportunities in partnership with faculty/academic departments and/or community partners. She designs strategies for recognizing student learning through involvement in ExL programs and manages all aspects of communication for the office.

In addition to working for the university, she has been a freelance writer for over 20 years. As a Los Angeles native of Panamanian descent, much of her love for story is rooted in capturing experiences that evoke emotional connections.

Amber’s first stint in the entertainment industry was working for Hidden Beach Recordings on the platinum selling, Grammy nominated Who is Jill Scott? album. This opportunity led her to create press packages and marketing campaigns for local LA artists and independent labels. Soon after, she decided to hone her skills in writing and earned a Masters in Creative Writing from the University of Southern California (USC). Her vast work experience and education allowed her to pursue projects in television and film where she was able to expand her network to collaborate with some of Hollywood’s brightest professionals.

After completing a second Masters in Digital Social Media, Amber began creating narratives within a digital space as a social media consultant for independent films and began executing programming for business incubators and faith-based institutions focused on serving socioeconomically marginalized populations. Most recently, she was instrumental in facilitating an educational global initiative with her work for the Del York Creative Academy, a Nigerian based entity who hosted a four-week television and film intensive. She was charged with liaising between the US and Nigerian teams and ensuring the daily operational needs of the program were served.

Her current role in Experiential Learning has been a welcomed extension of her passion as it allows her to engage in work that is near and dear to her heart.