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Economic Inclusion and Climate Equity


Research is revealing that inequality and insecurity negatively impact sustained prosperity; racism and other forms of social disconnection derail economic vitality; and protecting the commons will require shifts in our economy and in our built environment.

Our work in the area of economic inclusion:

1. Advances academic theory and practical applications linking economic growth, environmental quality, and civic health with bridging of racial and other gaps;

2. Produces accessible and actionable data and analysis through the data tools, such as the National Equity Atlas, and reports for civic leaders, policymakers, and regional stakeholders to advance racial equity and inclusive growth through our partnership with PolicyLink; and

3. Establishes research partnerships to deepen and advance the dialogue, planning, and actions around racial equity, environmental justice, and the built environment.

ERI's work will support creating new coalitions around economic, social, and environmental justice by linking economic prosperity, environmental quality, and civic health with bridging of racial and other gaps. Our collaborators include: Chris Benner at UC Santa Cruz, PolicyLink, Advancement Project’s Race Counts, Strategic Actions for a Just Economy, Investing in Place, Southeast Asian Community Alliance (SEACA LA), Strategic Concept in Policy & Education (SCOPE), Enterprise Community Partners, Long Beach Forward, California Community Foundation, Los Angeles Funders Collaborative, The San Francisco Foundation, Weingart Foundation, Los Angeles Economic Development Corporation, Los Angeles Business Council, California Environmental Justice Alliance, Communities for a Better Environment, Rachel Morello-Frosh from UC Berkeley, as well as Jim Sadd, Martha Matsuoka, and Mijin Cha at Occidental College.

Economic Inclusion and Climate Equity Publications

The National Equity Atlas: Partnership and Projects

The National Equity Atlas is America's most detailed report card on racial and economic equity. We equip movement leaders and policymakers with actionable data and strategies to advance racial equity and shared prosperity. 

The Atlas is produced by PolicyLink and the USC Equity Research Institute (ERI) formerly known as the USC Program for Environmental and Regional Equity (PERE).

The National Equity Atlas is a first-of-its-kind data and policy tool for the community leaders and policymakers who are working to build a new economy that is equitable, resilient, and prosperous. It is a comprehensive resource for data to track, measure, and make the case for racial equity and inclusive prosperity in America’s regions, and states, and nationwide. The Atlas contains data on demographic change, racial and economic inclusion, and the potential economic gains from racial equity for the largest 100 cities, largest 150 regions, all 50 states, and the United States as a whole.


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