Colonial Latin America Seminar 2012-2013

Year in Review

The feature event of the Colonial Latin America Seminar was a workshop titled “The Colonial and Postcolonial Archive: Interdisciplinary Perspectives” and a one-day symposium. Co-sponsored by the USC-Huntington Early Modern Studies Institute, USC’s Del Amo Fund, the Spanish and Portuguese Department, the Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture Doctoral Program, Latin American Studies, and Visions and Voices, the first event generated discussion among graduate students and faculty about different types of archives and the structural limitations as well as the possibilities that they present for the study of race and sex in the past. That discussion included a conversation between the Mexican theater director and actress Jesusa Rodríguez and Professor María Elena Martínez about the case of a presumed hermaphrodite that was tried for the crime of sodomy in New Spain.  The conversation focused on how a historian versus an artist, dealing with historical topics, approach historical sources to represent past lives and ended with a preview of a performance that Rodríguez is developing from the case.

The symposium consisted of presentations by Santa Arias (University of Kansas), Pamela Voekel (University of Georgia), Zeb Tortorici (New York University), and Adam Warren (University of Washington), a group of scholars in different disciplines who are currently working on topics related to race and sex in the early modern Spanish Atlantic World, and more concretely on how gender, racial, and sexual discourses and social relations changed during the eighteenth century and Enlightenment context.

The conference closed with a beautiful performance by Jesusa Rodríguez of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s “Primero Sueño,” an intricate poem composed of 975 verses that is one of the earliest expressions of the modern literary quest for knowledge and enlightenment and of feminist thought in the modern world.

Race and Sex in the Eighteenth-Century Spanish Atlantic World

Symposium Organizers:
María Elena Martínez, USC
Marta V. Vicente, U of Kansas

Please rsvp to by Monday, April 8, 2013, for the Saturday Symposium.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Location: USC, University Park Campus
Doheny Memorial Library
The Friends of the USC Libraries Lecture Hall, Room 240

The Colonial and Postcolonial Archive:
Interdisciplinary Perspectives
(Workshop for invited guests)
1:00 – 5:00pm

Greetings and Introduction

Flash Presentations

Facilitator: Shana Redmond, USC (American Studies and Ethnicity)
Ana Paulina Lee, USC (Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture)
Zeb Tortorici, NYU (Spanish and Portuguese)
Jennifer Reynolds-Kaye, USC (Art History)
Sherry Velasco, USC (Spanish and Portuguese)
Christian Paiz, USC (History)
Laura Gutiérrez, Univ. or Arizona (Spanish and Portuguese)

Open Discussion

Performance, Bodies, and Archives:
Conversation with Jesusa Rodríguez and María Elena Martínez about the Case of Juana Aguilar and Dr. Narciso Esparragosa


Jesusa Rodríguez, Preview of “El Dr. Narciso Esparragosa”

3:45 – 5:00pm

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Location: USC, University Park Campus
Doheny Memorial Library
The Friends of the USC Libraries Lecture Hall, Room 240

Welcome and Introduction
9:15-9:30 am

The Politics of Race and Sex
9:30-11:15 am
Chair: Laura Gutiérrez, University of Arizona

Santa Arias
, University of Kansas
“Race and the City: Spanish New Immigrant Perspectives on Race, Geography and Political Failure in Late Colonial Lima”

Marta V. Vicente, University of Kansas
“Sex in the Spanish Enlightenment”

Pamela Voekel, University of Georgia
"The Sanjuanistas: Reform Catholicism and Shifting Racial and Sexual Configurations in the Atlantic World in the Age of Revolution"

Anna More (University of California, Los Angeles)
Rachel Sarah O'Toole (University of California, Irvine)

Lunch will be provided to those who rsvp to by Monday, April 8, 2013.

Policing Race and Body
1:30-3:15 pm
Chair:  Sherry M. Velasco, USC

María-Elena Martínez, USC
“Race, Sex, and Nature in late Eighteenth-Century New Spain”

Zeb Tortorici, New York University
“Surgeons, Medical Examinations, and Criminal Sexuality in New Spain”

Adam Warren, University of Washington
“Medicine, Slavery, and Bodily Difference in Lima, Peru"

Alexandra Puerto (Occidental College)
Ivonne Del Valle (Berkeley)

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Location: USC, University Park Campus
Tommy’s Place, USC Ronald Tutor Campus Center (TCC)
Basement 4

Visions and Voices
Performance of Sor Juana Inés de la Cruz’s “Primero Sueño” by Jesusa Rodríguez

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