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At USC Dornsife, we recognize that great ideas have no borders. Our faculty members engage students in deep scholarship while equipping them with the critical thinking skills they need to venture out in the world, ask the right questions and find important answers.

The USC Dornsife Initiative will enable us to establish new paradigms in undergraduate and graduate education — and prepare our students to flourish and make meaningful contributions across a broad range of professional and academic realms.

Jasmine Torres

Despite obstacles, sociology major Jasmine Torres '14 never lost sight of her lifelong dream to attend USC.


Reid Lidow

Inspired by Professor Dan Lynch’s course “Introduction to Asian Security Affairs,” international relations and political science major Reid Lidow '14 organized an independent research trip to Burma to interview top political leaders.

Justin Hall

Justin Hall, a Ph.D. student in integrated and evolutionary biology, unravels the mystery of dinosaur hind-wings, solving a major problem in the evolution of dinosaur flight.

60-Second Seminar: Ange-Marie Hancock

Meet Travis Glynn