Academic Advising

Academic Advising

To make an Undergraduate Academic Advisement appointment, go here:


Philosophy of Advising and Our Role
The objective of academic advising is to engage students by extending learning opportunities beyond the classroom by facilitating personal reflection and by empowering students with the necessary information to make informed decisions about their lifelong goals. You can expect your advisor to:

  • Assist you in creating a personalized course plan for an enriching undergraduate experience by integrating your short and long term goal with University resources and opportunities
  • Listen carefully to your questions and concerns
  • Be available and accessible during office hours with appointment or designated walk-in times as well as accessible through e-mail during normal business hours
  • Provide accurate information of University academic policies and regulations to help you make the best informed decision
  • Support you towards achieving your personal best by serving as an advocate or mentor
  • Adhere to the highest standard of ethics and best practices of academic advising

Student Expectations
Academic advising only works well when both parties are working together.  Students must take responsibility for their role in ensuring academic success and timely progress towards graduation.  Advisors expect you to:

  • Take ownership of your education by taking an active role in all advisement meetings
  • Prepared with questions and documents (if applicable)
  • Voicing concerns and speaking up if anything is still unclear
  • Being honest
  • Reviewing your own STARS Report before coming in for advisement
  • Making your own decisions after advisement
  • Be punctual to all appointments – if you need to cancel, do so at least 24 hours in advance
  • Regularly check your e-mail account – the official method of communication between the University and students.  Please delete e-mail as needed so your account is not over quota and you miss important notices from your advisor
  • Establish rapport with professors and teaching assistants
  • Promptly schedule an appointment if you have any issues that may affect your academic success – do not procrastinate because smaller problems can turn into larger problems when not addressed in time
  • Become knowledgeable about University policies, procedures and resources
  • Conduct yourself appropriately during advising meetings

Contacting an Advisor
The best way to contact an advisor is to e-mail them directly.  Depending on our advising volume, your e-mail will be answered within one to two business days.  If the matter is urgent, you may call the Economics Department reception desk at 213.740-8335 and ask to speak with an advisor.  If available, s/he will speak with you over the phone.

Advisor Contact Information

Karina Chicas
KAP 302A

Shannon Durbin
KAP 300F

Karina and Shannon provide academic counseling on matters of curriculum, course selection, degree requirements, and university policies. They evaluate student problems, academic and administrative, and refer students as necessary to appropriate student services offices for additional counseling.

Appointments scheduled online. To make an appointment, go here:


Mark Moore, Ph.D.
Director of Undergraduate Study

Professor Moore is available to discuss career planning and concerns, internships, possibilities for graduate study, choice of major or minor, and any matters relating to the undergraduate experience in the economics department. Discussions about topics of economic interest are also welcomed.

Contact info:
KAP 324C

Fall 2015 Office Hours: Monday 1-4 pm, KAP 324C

Mandatory Advisement Hold

Advising holds help ensure that students and advisors meet periodically, typically once a semester, to monitor progress towards graduation. Students cannot enroll in courses without first meeting with an advisor by scheduling an appointment to coming to the office during walk-in hours throughout the academic year.

To make an appointment please click on this link: Please do not email advisors about scheduling a meeting.