East Asia Related Academic Programs at USC



Anthropology (BA)
Global Studies (BA)
Southeast Asia and it People Minor

Art History
Art History (BA)
Art History Minor

Global Communications Minor

Comparative Literature
Comparative Literature (Foreign Languages Track) (BA)
Comparative Literature (Foreign Languages Track) Minor
Comparative Literature (Global Cultures Track) Minor

East Asian Languages and Cultures
East Asian Languages and Cultures (BA)
EALC-Linguistics Combined (BA)
East Asian Languages and Cultures Minor
Pacific Rim Minor
Chinese for the Professions Minor

Social Sciences (emphasis in Economics) (BA)
International Economics Minor

Narrative Studies (BA)

History (BA)
History and Social Science Education (BA)
History Minor
History and Culture of Business Minor

International Relations
International Relations (Concentration in The Pacific Rim) (BA)
International Relations Global Business (BA)
International Relations Global Economy (BA)
International Policy and Management Minor
International Relations Minor

Marshall School of Busines
Business Administration (International Relations) (BS)
World Bachelor in Business (BS)

Political Science
Political Science (BA)
Political Science Minor

Religion (BA)
Religion Minor


Art History (PhD)
Comparative Studies in Literature and Culture (PhD)
East Asian Languages and Cultures (PhD)
Global Executive MBA
History (PhD)
Linguistics with Specialization in East Asian Linguistics (PhD)
Political Science and International Relations (PhD)
Religion (PhD)

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  • 3454 Trousdale Parkway
  • College Administrative Services Building (CAS) 100
  • Los Angeles, CA 90089-0154