K-16 Teacher Training Workshops

EASC provides support from our Department of Education Title VI grant for professional development workshops for K-16 and community college instructors through online, weekend, semester-long and summer residential seminars. These workshops provide tools and resources to help teachers better integrate East Asia into the K-16 curriculum. They also provide training for language instructors to educate heritage and non-heritage language learners of Chinese, Japanese and Korean. EASC has formed partnerships with a number of units to support the following workshops and programs.

OPI Refresher Workshop in Japanese
Saturday, March 12, 2016

USC Workshop on Japanese Extensive Reading 2015
Saturday, October 3 - Sunday, October 4, 2015

First Annual USC Workshop on East Asian Language Education
Saturday, May 2, 2015

USCI K-12 Teacher Training Workshops

The K-12 Teacher Training Workshops, administered by the USC U.S.-China Institute (USCI), offers 36-hour seminars for teachers interested in learning more about East Asia and developing the tools needed to incorporate more of East Asia into their curriculum. Semester-long seminars are offered in various locations and districts in the greater Los Angeles area. In addition, each summer intensive residential seminar for teachers outside the greater Los Angeles area are offered.

2013 Summer Residential Seminar
July 29 - August 2, 2013
This seminar focuses on helping teachers address the California history, social studies, and language arts standards, we will offer presentations on the history and culture of East Asia, as well as discuss how case studies can be used to explore a variety of issues. For more details and a listing of upcoming and past workshops, visit the USCI site.

Center for World Languages Heritage Language Curriculum Development

The UCLA Center for World Languages (CWL) is devoted to curriculum design, materials development, and teacher education for the heritage language field. In this grant period, CWL is developing K-16 language teachers’ training programs and online training guides for language teachers in classrooms with heritage and non-heritage speakers. 

USC Annual Korean Teachers Training Workshop

The USC Annual Korean Teachers Training Workshop (KTTW) has been held by the USC Korean Language and Culture Project since 2001 as part of an effort to increase interest in the teaching and learning of Korean in the United States. The workshop is designed with the specific goals of providing effective teaching skills and encouraging teachers to develop a variety of teaching materials for their Korean courses.

Korean Linguistics and Language Teaching Conference
Friday-Saturday, January 29-30, 2016

15th Korean Teachers Training Workshop
February 14, 2015

14th Korean Teachers Training Workshop
May 3, 2014

13th Korean Teachers Training Workshop
March 2, 2013

12th Korean Teachers Training Workshop
March 24, 2012


iWillSpeak is an innovative course management program that allows language instructors to develop up-to-date multi-media course content and activities using authentic audio/video materials. Using iWillSpeak, instructors integrate modern language use with traditional textbooks through new media. Program developer John Chang, Master Lecturer in East Asian Languages and Cultures, has been instrumental in placing USC on the national map for Chinese language instruction by developing new technologies to improve Chinese language curriculum through iWillSpeak. Currently, the program is being used in several Chinese I, II, and III courses at USC. It is also available as an iPhone app, which can be downloaded for free through the Apple app store. 

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