Graduate Students

First Year

Lincoln Der
Research Area: The historical emergence and boom of Japanese popular culture (such as anime and manga) within the United States and how it has changed American's perception of Asians from the late 1990's through the 2000's.

Xuemeng (Crystal) Huang
Chinese literature and culture, particularly traditional Chinese literature from pre-Ming Dynasty.

Lindsay Roberts
East Asian, particularly Korean, popular cultures and cross-cultural media exportation.


Yunfei (Lillian) Shang
Research Area: East Asian cinema and languages

Stefan Tsai
Research Area: US-China relations and the social, political and economic relations between China, Japan and Korea

Cassandra Dierolf
Research Area: Early modern Japanese history; cultural interactions between Japan, China and Korea 

Kimberly Ordel
Research Area: Political, social and economic change over time in pre-edo Japan, particularly the changing power of the imperial family and the growth of Shoguns and establishment of shogunates; Classical Japanese

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