Graduate Students

Fall 2022 Cohort

Kuper Bergman
East Asian Geopolitics, Japan-U.S. Relations, East Asian Cultural Relations

Jasmine Chang
Popular Culture in Korea, Japan, and China; Modern Japanese Literature and Film; Modern Korean Literature and Film

Joshua Lawson
Contemporary Media and Popular Culture in Japan and Korea, Mixed Media, Music and Entertainment in East Asia

Asha Rieussec
Contemporary Media and Popular Culture in Korea; Korean Film and Literature; Korean Identity in Modern Korea

Yuanjing (Fiona) Xu
Contemporary Chinese and Korean Literature; Feminism in East Asia

Xinhui (Liane) Yang
Dunhuang Cave Arts; Chinese Folk Customs; Buddhism in East Asia

Yixiao Zhang
East Asian Cinema; Modern Chinese History; Modern Chinese and Japanese Literature

Shiyi Zhang
Migration; Gender and Family; Chinese Popular Culture

Fall 2021 Cohort

Joe Collins
Research Area: East Asian Geopolitics; Social Movements in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Mainland China; U.S.-China Relations

Lisa Kwan
Research Area: Post-WWII Impact on Current Trends in Sino-Japanese Relations; Historical and Geopolitical Conflicts behind "Greater China"; East Asian Language Politics

Hanna Ramirez
Research Area: Chinese Contemporary Art and Film; Gender and Sexuality in China

Cristian Roman
Research Area: Modern Japanese and Korean Popular Culture and Media; Global Consumption of Anime; Japan-U.S. Relations

Angelica Medina Cuevas - Spring 2022 Admit
Research Area: Contemporary Media and Popular Culture in Korea, Religion in China and the Diaspora, Modern Chinese Film

Fall 2020 Cohort

Ellen Li
Research Area: Transnational Film/Media, Theory and Poetry; Diasporic Imaginaries in Popular Culture; Queer Chinese Performance and Politics

John Tang
Research Area: Modern Chinese Literature; Modern Japanese Literature and Film

Yingke Yang
Research Area: Contemporary Media and Popular Culture in Korea and Japan; East Asian Language and Linguistics

Songyue Zhang
Research Area: LGBTQ Identity in China; Korean and Chinese Popular Culture

Progressive Degree Program

Ursula Collins-Laine - EASC Student Feature
Research Area: East Asian Popular Culture and Media Globalization; Unscripted Korean Television; Fandom Studies

EAAS Graduate Certificate

Madeline Hawk - PhD, Cinema and Media Studies
Research Area: Postcolonial Theories; Female Agency and Involvement in Colonialism; Korean Contemporary Media; Queer Studies; Theories of Nostalgia and Memory in Popular Culture

EAAS Graduate Certificate

Anthony Lee - PhD, Cinema and Media Studies
Research Area: Japanese Popular Culture, Animation Industries, Japanese Foreign Policy, Cultural Geography, Media Globalization, Representations of Environments and Spaces in Animation

Fall 2019 Cohort

Yuwei Liu - EASC Student Feature
Research Area: East Asian Linguistics; Chinese and Japanese Comparative Literature

Adam Silverman
Research Area: Japanese National Cinema and Visual Culture; Representations of Ethnicity and Alterity in Japanese Media, Media Theory and Animation Studies

Sui Wang - EASC Student Feature
Research Area: Chinese Popular Culture; Visual Communication and Media Production in China

Weidong Wang
Research Area: Chinese Society and Foreign Policy; Chinese Film and Media Studies

Tiara Wilson - EASC Student Feature
Research Area: Chinese Social Movements and Reform; Korean Democratization; Korean and Chinese Popular Culture and Contemporary Studies

Fall 2018 Cohort

Nicole Xinyuan Chen
Research Area: U.S.-East Asia Media Policy; Feminisim and Visual Culture in East Asia

Donald Collins
Research Area: Queer Identity in East Asia, Body Modification and Aesthetics, Korean Media and Culture

Ted Hongqiao Li
Research Area: Contemporary Chinese Culture and History; U.S.-China/East Asia Relations

Steve Literati
Research Area: Economic and Political Development of North and South Korea; East Asia-U.S. Security and Geopolitics

Xizhu Liu
Research Area: Pre-modern Chinese History

Becky Yuxuan Shao
Research Area: Chinese Theater and History, East Asian Art History, Contemporary Chinese Theater

Jiajia Kejia Song
Research Area: Sino-U.S. Relations; China's Economic Development; International Trade and International Communication 

Linda Jingze Tang
Research Area: East Asian Contemporary Film Theory, Chinese Cinema, Film and Culture

Fuyun Wei
Research Area: Poverty, Feminism and Equal Rights in Modern China; U.S.-China Relations

Howard Yanchen Zhang
Research Area: Modern and Contemporary Chinese History; Modernization and Globalization

Fall 2017 Cohort

Yanjin Chen
Educational Consultant at MentorX, Irvine

Ariel Yixuan Lim
Sales/Research Analyst at Bloomberg, Hong Kong

Jaewon Shin
Intern at Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA)

Fall 2016 Cohort

Gesshin Claire Greenwood
Published Author; Teacher and Spiritual Director at Empty Moon Zen Sangha, Orange County

Dianne Lee
Graduate Research Intern at Christie's, Los Angeles

Megan Ong
Advancing Japanese language skills at Kyoto Institute of Culture and Language, Japan

Fall 2015 Cohort

Lincoln Der
Substitute Teacher at Los Angeles Unified School District, Los Angeles

Xuemeng Crystal Huang
Editor at China Daily, Beijing

Lindsay Roberts
PhD Student at EALC, University of Southern California

Fall 2014 Cohort

Yunfei Lillian Shang
PhD Student at the University of Texas at Austin

Stefan Tsai

Fall 2013 Cohort

Cassandra Dierolf

Ju-yu Chloe Huang
Sales Associate at Tory Burch, Los Angeles

Nanzhou Li

Yi Shao
Executive Assistant at The Grand Mansion, Nanjing

Caitlyn Stone
Development Associate at International Budget Partnership, Washington DC

Kimberly Ordel
Resource Center Associate at The Charter School of San Diego

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